After my second Near Death Experience, I lost trust that my body could heal itself on its own.  

After my first NDE, I was full of belief. No matter what the doctors said, what my family said, what my friends said, what the research said, I deeply believed my body was healthy, and that it was going to heal from the diseases I had been diagnosed with. And it did. Against all odds. 
But when I found myself back in the hospital with the exact same diseases a second time, my belief began to wane. I didn’t feel as confident. I began to trust more in what the doctors were saying, what the research was saying, what my family was saying. 

I began to trust more in the impossibilities, than in my body’s possibilities.

I had lost belief that my body truly could be well without some massive external assistance.

That I didn’t have to swoop in and save it from itself.  I didn’t trust that I could surrender my wellness to it.  Like, all of it.  That I could hand over everything to it, and trust that I didn’t have to effort my body into healing and health.  That my body was a fucking master warrior in that already.  

To be honest, I distrusted my body. I was scared for it.  

I had been conditioned/socialized by the medical community, by my culture, and the media to believe that it was a fragile thing.  Like if I didn’t eat well (vegan, organic, alkaline), exercise all the time, get eight hours of rest, then the smallest inorganic particle in my food could throw my body’s whole health off track.  That if I wasn’t SUPER mindful about what I was eating, my body couldn’t AND wouldn’t meet it’s wellness quota.  

This way of thinking, I learned from my Higher Self during my healing journey after my second NDE (which I call my rite of passage), was rooted in the belief that “there was something wrong with me.”  And this belief of “something being wrong with me” was the very toxin that was poisoning my body.  That had manifested the diseases in the first place, and was maintaining the diseased state in my body.  

It wasn’t that piece of pizza, or that piece of cake, or that piece of meat, or even that chemtrail in the air.  It was me.  It was all the ways that my beliefs and feelings/vibrations had been telling my body that it wasn’t good enough, just as it is.  Basically, I was denying my body the truth of it’s inherit Divinity, and the unlimited and infinite intelligence that comes with that.  

Learning how to be well again required me to heal all my beliefs and feelings that said that something was wrong with me, and that my body wasn’t enough on it’s own.  

I had to believe again in my body’s warrior-hood.  In it’s wisdom.  In it’s strength.  In it’s autonomy and independence.  I had to relearn/remember that my body is a divine being, all it’s own, who’s main responsibility was to serve the expansion of my soul, and that it didn’t need help to know how to do so.  It just needed me to stay out of it’s way with my thinking and my energy/vibration.  

It just needed me to allow it to do what it knew how to do best:  be well, and thrive.  

The moment I began to trust in my body again, to hold and nourish beliefs around it that affirmed and supported its wellbeing, it started to become so.  And miraculously.

I relearned a very cosmic truth about our bodies during my rite of passage:  that our bodies can heal themselves, OF ANYTHING.  Because they are a creation of Infinite Intelligence – a divine entity all on their own. 

They know how to heal.  They know how to be well. They know how to best serve the life of the soul that inhabits them.

And they don’t need a specific diet approach, or exercise regimen, or anything else to know how to do this.  


They only need us to stop overloading and overfeeding them with distrustful, fearful and shame-full beliefs/feelings.   Especially the belief/feeling that something is wrong with themFor this belief/feeling is the most energetically toxic one of all to the body, as it denies the body the truth of it’s divinity:  that it is unconditionally lovable; that it is unconditional love itself; that it IS the house of wellbeing.  

And more importantly, the body MUST reflect back to us what we believe about it.  It must mirror back to us through it’s health state what we believe and how we feel about it, and what believe and how we feel about ourselves.   It must do it’s job.  The job our Soul Self gave it when it created it.

So remember your divinity, Divine Ones.  Remember/Reembody the divinity of your soul, AND your body.  

For reembodying this truth is what heals.  Reembodying the truth of your divinity is what heals everything.

But don’t just take my word for it, try it, and find out for yourself.

Much ❤️, Jerome.