Over the years, I’ve shared a lot about what I’ve learned about self-healing – what it takes to heal ourselves (particularly from illness and disease), what it doesn’t take, and where our blindspots are around the process.

And what I’ve come to know as the deepest truth about this topic is that the true key to healing ourselves isn’t about diet, or exercise, or even medication or herbs, but about energy expansion.  

That the more we expand the internal energy of our soul,  the healthier our bodies become, and the happier we become in our lives.  But but the less we expand this energy (or dare I say, shrink it), the sicker we become, and the more unhappy we become.

In the video below, I speak on why this is, and the two elements/vibrations of our internal energy we most need to focus on in order to heal ourselves.   

May it help you in your journey.

❤️, Jerome