One of the questions I’m often asked by my clients is how to make more soul-guided decisions in our lives. How to tell which choice or decision we’re considering is most in alignment with our Higher Self, and how to know which choice will lead to the better expansion of ourselves, and a greater experience of joy and freedom in our lives.

Basically, people want to know how to tell when they’re making the most appropriate/“right” choice from their soul’s perspective.

So here’s what I’ve learned through countless trial and error along my journey that’s helped me make more soul-aligned choices for myself: “listen to the wisdom of your body.”

Our body is the literal message board of the soul. Outside of moving us physically through this world of duality, the other main responsibility of our body is to serve as a commutation device between our human self, and our spiritual (higher) self. Our Higher Self sends us guidance for our life path through our body, and we can tune into that guidance at any time. And, we can deeply trust it.

Here’s how to tune in to your body, and gauge whether the choice/decision you’re considering is a “yes” or “no” from your soul’s perspective:




1. You experience a sense of tension.

Tension is a direct stop sign! When the body tenses up or constricts in any way when you are thinking about making a speciific choice, it’s your body’s way of saying that this choice is going to take you further away from yourself somehow, and will not lead you towards the expansion, joy, or freedom you are desiring.  It’s a NO.

** The part of my body my soul usually uses to communicate a hard NO to me is my shoulders. When I’m considering a choice, and I feel my shoulders start rise and get tight, I know that this choice is not the direction I want to head in at this time. I’ve ignored this signal many times in my past, and ended up getting my ass kicked every time I did. Lesson learned. **

2. You feel a sense of overwhelm.

If you feel a sense of heaviness or stress in your body, especially emotionally, it’s a NO. The soul never guides us into pain and struggle. Discomfort, yes, because often times our next level of expansion, joy, or freedom requires us to step outside of our comfort zone. But stress and struggle are different than discomfort energetically, and the soul doesn’t ask us to stress or struggle to expand. When we feel these senses in our body when considering a decision/choice, it’s a direct signal that what we’re considering to do (and also a signal that what we may be currently doing) is not in alignment with us, and that we need to head in another direction.

3. You feel a sense of bondage.

When you think of engaging yourself in that decision/choice, and you notice that your body starts to feel constricted in any way, or the idea of the experience behind the choice feels imprisoning somehow, it’s a surefire way to know this choice is going to lead you far away from yourself, and it’s deep and heavy NO! One of the soul’s main desires is for freedom, for the experience of liberation. Anything that feels like bondage is not soul-guided or inspired, and will not lead us into a positive outcome for ourselves.




1. You feel relaxed and lighter.

If you feel your body relax or feel lighter when you think of making a particular choice/decision, it’s a YES! One of the tell-tale signs that we are moving more in alignment with ourselves is that we experience a deeper sense of ease and relaxation. So when you feel your body relax and get lighter when you think of a choice/decision, it’s not only a green signal for GO, but a sure way to know that the outcome of this choice/decision will be positive for you, and bring you more at home in yourself somehow.

2. You feel excitement, joy or passion.

Joy, excitement, and passion are spiritual guides. They lead us into our greatest success, the greatest expansion of ourselves, and the fulfillment of our life’s purpose. Anytime we feel these energies/emotions in our body when we are considering doing something, it’s a resounding YES!  Trust this feeling in your body deeply. Deeply, deeply trust it, and move forward with the choice/decision. It’s your body’s way of telling you that this will definitely turn out well for you somehow.

3. You get goosebumps or chills.

If when you think about making the choice or decision, you start feeling goosebumps or chills run through your body, your soul is telling you absolutely YES! Emphatically YES! Goosebumps and chills are signals that what you are thinking about doing deeply resonates with the energy of who you really are, and the purpose for why you are here on the planet. It’s your body’s way of telling you that the experience of this choice/decision is going to be good for you. Really, really good. Maybe even delicious. So go swiftly forward with it.


Now that you know how to use the wisdom of your body to make more soul-aligned choices, take these signs into account BEFORE you say “yes” or “no” to anything.

Don’t move so hastily through your decision-making. Give yourself a moment, so that you’re sure that you’ve got the support of your soul behind it. Take some deep breaths, then tune into your body. Go over in your mind the different options and choices you have, and see how they feel in your body when you do.

Your body is a wisdom. It is the messenger of your soul. You can trust it.

You can trust it with your life.

Much ❤ , Jerome