There are several behavior patterns (or ways of being) we can adopt over the course of our lives that keep us from embodying, expressing, and/or nourishing our true nature (Love Energy), and thus starve our bodies of the very energy they need to create and sustain good health.

Because of this, these behavior patterns led us to eventually manifest disease in our physical body, as a result.

When I speak about these behavior patterns to my clients or in a workshop, people will often ask me why we adopt these behaviors, in the first place, if they end up being so detrimental to our health.

Well, there are several reasons why – unhealed trauma, cultural conditioning, AND because we are rewarded and celebrated for eliciting them by larger society.

And, as human beings, we often hold to and continue what we receive praise, approval and reward for.

In the video below, I cover the five behavior patterns we often hold that society celebrates and rewards us for, but are actually making us sick.

Check it out, and if we see yourself holding one of these behaviors now, may this video help you do the healing work of releasing it, and adopt the opposite behavior that actually will help you heal, and be well.

Leave me a comment if something in the video resonated with you.

❤️, Jerome