The Top 3 Thought Viruses That Make Us Sick

Last week, I saw a video by Anita Moorjani where she mentioned the term: “thought virus.” And immediately, I deeply resonated with the term, and recognized the principle as it related to my own healing journey from AIDS and kidney failure, and the healing work I’ve done with my clients. So much so, I was inspired to do this video in order to go a bit more in depth about what thought viruses actually are, and why they are so detrimental the the health of our bodies, and the wellbeing of our lives. I also share what the purpose of our life experience is from the soul’s perspective, why not feeling “enough” is so dangerous, and how the law of attraction manifests our reality. Enjoy!

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The 5 Sacred Lessons You Learn from Thriving that You Don’t from Suffering

I wrote a Facebook post a few weeks ago that spoke on the myth that “we learn more from rock bottom than we ever could from the mountaintops.” I shared that this is actually a false belief because suffering and thriving are BOTH teachers that brings us lessons for our growth, one not being better than the other (although thriving DEFINITELY feels better). This prompted one of my followers to ask the question: “What does thriving actually teach us? What we do we learn from thriving?” So I decided to do this video to give a list of the five lessons that thriving teaches us that we don’t learn from suffering. I also share what suffering teaches us, why thriving and suffering are two sides of the same coin, and answer a live question about some of my favorite embodiment practices. Enjoy! ❤️

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How to Keep Yourself from Being Drained While Raising Small Kids

I recently received a question from one of my social media followers who asked: “How can I love myself more and not drain myself while raising two very young boys? I’m basically driving myself into the ground, but it’s not like I can just stop.” I wanted to speak to this situation, as it effects so many of us out there. There will be circumstances that arise in our lives that require us to be a caregiver, and parenting is one of the major ones. However, without approaching these situations from a space of self-love, we can end up doing damage not just to ourselves, but to those we’re trying to care for, as well. In this video, I give three steps for how to begin loving yourself more in this situation, plus speak about why draining ourselves is so detrimental to our wellbeing, and what the effect of being drained has on the development of our children.

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[INTERVIEW] How to Heal from Chronic Illness

Hey Divine Ones, I was recently interviewed by Peggy Schirmer for her wildly popular YouTube Channel: GutFeelings. We dove deeply into discussing what it truly takes to heal ourselves: our lives, and our bodies. 

There was so much healing wisdom that came through in this interview, including:
* how to ask the illness/disease you’re experiencing what healing message it has for you;  
* what to do when you’ve tried all the western and alternative healing modalities, and nothing’s worked;
* what “as within, so without” has to do with the health of your body;
* the sacred lesson that helped me heal ulcerative colitis…

And much more! 

Whether you’re going through a health challenge or not, there’s something juicy in this for you.  Enjoy! ❤️

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VLOG: Spiders & The Transformative Power of Trust


About six years ago, I had a profound transformative experience with spiders in my home.  Now to be absolutely clear, I used to be TERRIFIED of spiders.  Horrified actually.  And I had good reason to be, I had been bitten several times by them, even in my most private bodily area.  

Yep, that one.  

I could barely see a spider without starting to hyperventilate or feel my body start to freeze up, no matter what size they were.  

But one night miraculously changed all of that.  

And it didn’t just change my relationship with spiders, but also my relationship with fear, and how I lived the rest of my life.  Truly, when we stop being afraid, we stop attracting/manifesting things to be afraid of.  

But enough talk, watch the video below to learn exactly what spiders taught me about fear, and the transformative power of trust.  

Much ❤️, Jerome



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