I’ve been on a spiritual path for over twenty years now, and a teacher of the soul for around ten of those years.

And I’ve heard (and participated in) all kinds of theories and approaches around what “spiritual growth is all about.” From denying or releasing our desires so that we reach a state of “non-attachment,” to learning lessons so that we graduate from “earth school” and never have to return to the punishment of being human.

And while each of the different perspectives I’ve heard and witnessed (and participated in) offered some benefit for our journey here, they also have some false premises that prevent us from true spiritual growth.

From our soul’s perspective, spiritual growth is about growing our “spirit.

But what is our spirit? What grows it? What prevents it from growing? Can it even be prevented from growing? And what happens to us if we don’t “grow our spirit?”

In this video, I answer those questions, and discuss what spiritual growth actually is from our soul’s perspective.

Enjoy! ❤️