Everyday, me and two of my close friends inbox each other hilarious and sexually raunchy memes. We’ll view the meme, laugh our ass off or clap in agreement, and then post some equally hilarious response.  

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because I don’t ever want to be placed in a box as a spiritual/metaphysical teacher. I don’t want an image placed on me of what you think a teacher should be. Especially not an image of purity and chastity.

Because boxes imprison. They bond us.

So many teachers, especially ones with large platforms, get branded with an image that places them into boxes that don’t allow them to be their full true selves. And the belief starts to set in for them that they can only be this person in public, or else they’ll lose followers, lose money, lose respect, lose belief in the validity of their work or message, lose belonging, lose love.

The most insidious toxin most of us humans carry (including the most famous and successful teachers, healers, gurus, etc) is the belief that we cannot live our full truth, and be loved at the same time.

And from this belief, we hide and rearrange ourselves, and put on masks, to become whatever image we think we need to gain love in the form of approval and belonging, or to not lose the approval and belonging (love) that we already have.

But this “performance” energetically poisons us. As all hiding and editing of our truest self does, as soul beings.

It robs us of our wholeness, and disconnects us from pieces of ourselves – pieces of our souls vibration that we literally need to expressed in our bodies in order to remain healthy, and happy.

This is one of the main reasons so many spiritual teachers get sick and manifest a chronic illness/disease. And why there’s been such a problem with many teachers committing suicide.  

I didn’t escape this fate.

Kidney failure was the manifestation of suppressing and hiding parts of myself. Of not living my truth, not expressing what I really wanted, or who I really was.

So these days, I only do what makes me well – what nourishes my wellness and wellbeing.

And a big part of that is to destroy whatever boxes I’m invited to live in – to literally rack my public image across the coals from time to time to assure that it’s not even there for me to try and seek refuge or escape in it.

A big message I received from my Higher Self during my healing journey was: “no more fucking secrets.

So these days, I live as honestly and transparently as I can.  

I expose my truths.
Even if someone else finds them ugly, or disapproving.

I know that whatever it is, if it’s a part of me, it belongs. It’s to be integrated into the wholeness of my being, and given the freedom to be expressed.

So, here’s my truth: I love dirty jokes.  
I love joking about sex.  
Especially gay sex.  
And I make jokes with my friends about it often.

I don’t want to be known as a prestine teacher; I want to be known as myself.

I want to only be known as a teacher who truly loves himself. A teacher who is being himself. A teacher who values wellbeing, above all else.  

And a teacher who continues to learn in his own life how to better and better do each of those things.  

Because truly, we teach most by what we live. By our example.  

And I ain’t trying to teach anymore how to make yourself sick, and unhappy.