I had a conversation with a client the other day, who’s now wanting to get to the point where she can begin to feel like being here on this planet, in a physical human body, is totally ‘worth it.‘ 

In the session, she asked me, When will it get better, this human thing?  When does it all start to be worth it?” 

I felt her deep in my heart, for I’ve heard this a lot from people over the years– clients, friends, and strangers.  Many people today feel like they’re just bumping around in this lifetime, not squeezing the delicious juice out of this human experience, and feeling like they’d be much better off if they could get it all over with quickly, and go back to the spiritual/non-physical dimension. 

So, I answered her with compassion, and said, “It all gets better once you finally realize you’re already perfect.  Until then, you don’t get to play.” 

There is a moral code to having a delicious life in this Universe, and it is simply this:  “Once you realize you’re already perfect, life begins to prove it to you.”  

For most of us, growing up in the cultures, family structures, and societies we did, we were saturated with external messages and narratives that said something about us is not “enough,” and that we’re not already whole, lovable, complete or deserving, so somehow, we must fix or better or improve ourselves until we become such.  

This messaging/narrative is in our schools, in our churches, on the TV, in our movies, and even at home at the dinner table.  In a world that is bent on telling you that you’re not enough or whole, it’s a very radical and rebellious act to think otherwise. 

How much loved you are. How powerful you are. How much enough you are. How worthy you are. How beautiful you are. How smart and wise you are. How gifted you are. How much you deserve to own whatever space you occupy. How Divine you are. How God you are

Until you can own your perfection, the absolute magnificence, pleasure, and bliss of life stays hidden to you.  But once you grasp it, grab hold to it and sew it into your clothes like a badge, “I’m already perfect,” get ready, because the Divine will move the very molecules of the Universe to prove it to you.  The sex gets better, the money gets better, the success gets better, the relationships get better, the joy gets better, LIFE gets better and your reality becomes centered on pleasure, and ease, and fun.  

If there was a “secret” to this thing called “Life” I would definitely say it’s to remember your perfection.  Then I’d write it on billions of pieces of paper in bold, powerful ink, in every human language, and hire the biggest plane possible, and fly it across the planet scattering those pieces of paper across the sky in every continent until they reached the hands of every living being.  It would no longer be a secret then. 

But, I don’t have to.  Your soul is not hiding it from you.  It’s shouting it to you everyday.  To us everyday.  To me everyday.  We’ve just got to make a bigger commitment to finally listen. 

Embrace your perfection, so you can finally start to play.
And live, deliciously well.

Like you deserve.

“I am already perfect.  

Not because everything is right with me, 

but because nothing is wrong with me.”