One of the key elements of loving ourselves is to trust our intuition: our inner guidance.  

It’s also the key to living a truly well + delicious life.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think it’s even possible to live a well or delicious life without it…but I digress.

I wanted to share something here in this post about following your intuition that people rarely teach you (if they do at all):  Your inner guidance never shows you the whole staircase.  You only get shown the next best step.

If you have a desire or vision for something you want to heal, manifest, or transform in your life or body, your intuition will only give you guidance about what the next step is that will help lead you to what you want.  It WILL NOT reveal all the steps you’re going to have to take to get there, all at once.

Why not?

There’s a few reasons for this:

1. If you saw the whole staircase, you would scare the shit out of yourself, and not even take one step.

If you saw all the steps you’d have to take, and what the entire journey looks like to get from where you are now, to where you really want to be, you would feel immense fear, and end up sabotaging yourself by either trying to avoid steps, or not going up the staircase,  at all.  

Because evolving into the next version of ourselves who has what we want, and feels how we want to feel, requires us to face + release some of our current fears and limiting belief systems, head on.  It requires us to become a more fearless and free version of ourselves.  

So in some of those steps,  you’ll be doing things that the current version of you is absolutely terrified of, in some way.  And this is why you only see one at a time.

For example, a part of my healing journey from terminal disease required me to become a very transparent and open person.  A person who shares alot of his life, doesn’t hide anything or tell lies – a person who has no secrets or shame, and feels totally free and lives solidly in his truth.  Because shame and hiding (self-suppression) were the toxic behaviors + energies that were at the root cause of my disease.  

So to heal,  I had to elicit the opposite behaviors and energy.  

So there were many steps along my healing journey where I had to share my secrets publicly, I had to reveal parts of myself that I previously hid for years, I had to be open and honest and truthful about EVERYTHING.  

But I did not know this when I first began my healing journey.  And THANK MY SOUL.  Because if the version of me that started my healing journey knew this, he wouldn’t have begun the journey, in the first place.  

At that time of my life, the idea that people would know my secrets, that people would see parts of my that I had hidden purposefully before, that I would not lie to protect myself, but tell the truth, even if felt it dangerous to do, was sooo terrifying it felt like DYING.  LITERALLY.  It was equal to being killed to that previous version of me.  And I would have avoided it at ALL cost.  

I was only able to do it because it came later in my journey, so I had already gone through steps before that had helped me to lessen my fear around this.   So by the time I reached that step, it was a bit scary, but it wasn’t as terrifying as dying.  It felt like the next best thing for me to do – something I could handle.   

This is why we only get one step at a time.  

This reduces the fear we feel, so that we don’t avoid the staircase altogether.   

We will only receive the step we can handle, right now.

2.  You’re not supposed to know it all at once, because that would take the fun out of it for you.

Like Xavier Dogba said: “Your path is meant to be elusive.” 

I know, I know, you really do feel like if you could see it all, it would make it so much easier for you.  But as we talked about in number one, that’s not true.   And what’s also true is that you may feel it easier, but you’d also feel extremely bored by it, at the same time.

And boredom is also poison to the soul’s energy system.

This life is supposed to be an adventure.  It’s supposed to unfold in unique ways particularly crafted to you, and for you.  We’re not supposed to know and seeing everything, all at once, because this takes the mystery and adventure out of things. 

And our soul LOVES adventure! 

It loves the surprise of things unfolding for us, and the feeling of expectation and progress. This is part of JOY.  And joy is literally nourishment to the soul. 

It’s soul food. 

So if you took the element of surprise and adventure out of your journey to what you really wanted, it wouldn’t be joyful.  It wouldn’t feed you. And without this, what you’d find when you acheived/received what you wanted is that you would feel unfulfilled by it, somehow. 

This one of the reasons why many spiritual teachers say (me being one of them): “It’s not about the destination, but the journey.” Because the journey is what actually feeds you.  The destination is good, but all the adventure,  the unfolding, and the becoming we experience during the journey to what we want is supposed to bring us immense joy, as well. 

For example

When I had my Near Death Experience, Source told me the that the key to healing myself from disease, and living a truly well and good life, was to wholly love myself.   This was very clearly said.

You know what wasn’t said?  Exactly how to do that.  Exactly what that takes, and everything I needed to do to get there.  

I had to learn all of that in my journey after my NDE, a journey that took years.

At first, I was a bit spiteful about this.  I wanted to know EVERYTHING RIGHT THEN.  I wanted not just the arrow to my destination, I wanted to see THE ENTIRE MAP.   I thought it wouldn’t have been so much easier, and wasted way less time.

But looking back on it now, I’m soooo grateful it didn’t happen that way.  

My journey into wellness through self-love was an unfolding.  It had a pace and an adventure to it.  And in each phase of it,  when I learned something new, applied it to myself and saw the changes in my life, it felt like I had struck gold, all over again.

It’s very hard to put into words, but the journey of it was extremely delicious.  Yes it was challenging and hard, at times, but overall, when I look back at it, I wouldn’t have wanted it to unfold for me any other way.

Had I woke up one morning and it was all just done for me, or I knew everything beforehand that I was going to do, there’s absolutely no way it would have felt as mystical as it did, as surprising and utterly magical at times, or that I would have felt the rush I received so many times from figuring something out on my own after several trial and errors.  

That journey was filled with surprise and those surprises made me who I am today.

And I fucking love this version of me today.   

So, let the steps unfold as they will – one after the other.  Be willing to be surprised, and know that at the end, you will look back on it all and say, It was damn worth it.  I’d do it that way again.”

3.  The soul doesn’t operate in linear time or linear thinking. 

But we in our human minds, think in linear terms.  We think our path has to be in a straight line, so of course the guidance needs to be.

So when we want guidance from the soul, we expect things to be all laid out in a straight line and clear timeframe.  

But when you follow the soul’s guidance, you begin to see how restrictive this actually is.  

Because when you trust + follow the soul, some things will happen simultaneously, some things will happen faster than you thought possible, some will happen slower than you think they should but end up unfolding in perfect timing.  

The soul isn’t linear, but it is LOVE.  So it WILL lead you to the outcome that works out best for you.

You won’t receive a map, but you will receive a loving light that shines down on what to do NOW.

And this next step will only make sense once you take it, not before.  So take it.  Don’t wait for more info and miss out altogether on the way your journey’s been divinely created to unfold.  

Things WILL work out for you, because remember, you are loved by Life itself,  and you are being guided by the voice of Love itself – your intuition.  

Trust the process.  

One step at a time, until one day, you find this all out for yourself.

Much ❤️, Jerome.