There’s a common term and practice in traditntal spirituality that I’m not a big fan of: “ego death.”

It’s where we try to “kill off,” or let some aspect of our Ego die, in order to ascend, or heal, or reach a higher vibration. To view the Ego has something that is “in the way” or keeping us back from experiencing the God Energy that we are, and the good life that we deserve.

There are many teachers who not only teach this kind of thing, but also deeply encourage it.

I used to be one of them.

But after my Near Death Experience in 2005, I began having channeled conversations with Source, and several personal experiences, that showed me that this approach to the Ego, and way of treating it as an “enemy,” was actually very misguided.

That the Ego was actually a part of the Soul, and that any part of the Soul doesn’t need to be attacked, or cut away, or suppressed, but loved.

It was a game-changing awareness on my spiritual path that transformed how I approach my Ego, and my entire healing journey.

In this 23rd video of my 30 Day Video Challenge, I speak on why I don’t like the term or practice of “ego death,” and what I learned about why it’s more about “ego balance,” instead.

Enjoy! ❤️