The Universe does not always operate on your timing.


More specifically, on the timing your ego mind believes something “should” happen.  For the Universe does not operate in the timing of “should,” but in the timing of “can.”  And “can happen” is what Divine timing is all about.


When “can” this happen for you?  


It can happen when everything is perfectly lined up–when the people, places and things are all set and in divine order; when just the right, divine moment arrives to make this awesome for you; and most importantly, when you’re energy is open and non-resistant.


The biggest part, which determines the timing, is you and your energy.  


Are you positively expecting this to happen, or are you fearful and worried that it won’t?


Are you focused on what makes you happy, or are you stressed and frustrated and barely enjoying yourself at all?


Are you relaxed and trusting in Divine timing, or are you worried that it’s “taking too long,” or that it “should’ve been here by now” or that “it’s probably not going to happen”?


And lastly, are you surrendering the process to the Universe, or are you constantly fretting over how it’s going to happen, and who it’s going to happen through?


The answer to these questions will allow you to understand where you stand in terms of your energy.  And where your energy is, determines EVERYTHING.


Your energy is the funnel in which the Universe/Source/God/Higher Power/Source pours your good thru you, and into your life.  Worry, frustration, fear, anger and stress corrode your funnel, making the opening smaller and the process of pouring your good thru to you longer.


Imagine your car needing oil, so you have all the oil ready to pour, and you go get the funnel to pour into the oil valve, but the funnel has layers of caked, crusty, nasty bits all over it.  But you try to pour the oil through that anyway.  The result would be something like cold molasses being poured through a strainer, which has been dipped in wax….


Yeah, it’s kind of like that.


However, relaxation, joy, happiness and positive expectation keep the funnel clean, and open, and ready to receive.  So once the Universe has orchestrated the juicy delivery of your good to you, it can pour that good right on through you with speed, with ease, and with a taste of miraculous. 


As the elders in the old black church used to say, “God may not come when you want him, but he’ll be there right on time.”  And that timing has been orchestrated perfectly with you, and your happiness in mind–Divine Mind.


So the only component that needs your attention is how open you’re letting your funnel be. 


If you start to feel like “why isn’t it here” or “maybe it won’t happen for me,” take it as a clue to go relax, and get happy, and surrender. 


Everything else is none of your business.