Is Your Ego Taking Center Stage?

I call the ego, “the wounded child,” for it’s the part of our mind that was conditioned and wounded in childhood, and still remembers the conditioning, and the wounds.  As Dr. Robert Holden states, “the ego is the conditioned self,” the part of us that got it’s information about who we are, and what we are capable of, from the world around us (usually from other egos), and wants to regurgitate that information back to us any chance we let it.


But since it’s a part of us, it doesn’t deserve to be hated or fought against.  Because if we hate it or fight against it, we are hating and fighting against our self.  And self-criticism, self-hatred and self-denial lead to a whole host of other issues, mostly disempowering and pain-filled.


However, just because it is a part of us, doesn’t mean it deserves our attention all the time.  


Just like our body has different components that make up it’s whole–legs, feet, arms, stomach, etc–not all the parts get our focus at any given time.  


For example, when you are seated at your desk, typing an important document on your computer.  What has your attention at that moment are the body parts that are best suited for completing that task–your eyes to see what you’re doing, you’re brain to process, and your hands to do the work.  Those parts of your body have the floor, as their particular skill-sets are best suited for that activity.  


But your spleen has nothing to say in that moment.  Your Achilles’ tendon does not have the stage.  The vas deference in your kidneys are not being called to the floor by you for their grand opinion on what punctuation should go next in this sentence you’re writing.   Just the part of you that is best suited, most educated, and most appropriate for the task at hand is given your attention.


And the same must go for the ego.  


The problems in our lives are not arising because we have an ego, but rather that we have been giving our egos the center stage to blast their opinions about any given situation, at any given time.  When what is really called for in that moment is for the ego to be an understudy, silently watching, learning, and existing in the background.  


We’ve been allowing our egos to chime in on, and act out in tasks in our lives for which they are not well-suited, and frankly, are very inexperienced for.  And the results have been that its advice has led us into pain, limitation, and feelings of low self-worth.


It’s time for us to allow the ego to take some time to rest, and to heal, and to simply observe.


And it’s time to let the Soul take center-stage.  The part of us that is the “Unconditioned Self” which existed before the first judgment about who we are was made.  The part of us that remembers the song God gave us to sing in the world.  The part of us that only loves us, knows our true unlimited nature, and seeks to guide us to it at any given moment.  


At this point in our evolution, what is being called for for the expansion of our lives is for us to listen more to the souls information, delegate more to the souls skill-set, and listen more to the souls wisdom on the living of our lives. 


Having an ego is not the problem, and never was.  The problem is our delegation of who’s turn (between the ego and the Soul) it is to take center stage, and to give their grandest performance.  


The ego is a part of us, and thus must have its day.   


But most of the time, that day is supposed to come during the closing curtain call.


Much love,


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