CHANNELED MESSAGE: “Love wants you as much as you want it”

Channeled Message from The Belovéds:

“We would advice you to stop saying and believing that you must be fully embracing your wholeness and truly loving yourself before your truest desired partner can show up for you. Love doesn’t work that way. Remember, love is unconditional, and unconditional means that it’s not requiring you to be different in order to experience it.

Also, remember you are a soul, which means you are WHOLLY deserving of every desire you hold already. NO exception. There is nothing about you that is unworthy or undeserving of the good you seek just as you are. Even the good to be partnered with someone.

So these messages you’ve been passing around to each other – with good intentions, we know – are solidifying a false premise within you, and slowly anchoring another narrative of unworthiness into your consciousness, and subsequently your vibrations.

Love wants you as much as you want it. Because you ARE it. You are the very essence of it.  It’s not “out there somewhere;” it’s in here EVERYWHERE.

So, you are not “working” on loving yourself more so that someone will show up. You are doing so so that they can stay, when they get there.

Because the relationships you have with others must always, eventually, become mirrors of the relationship you have with yourself.  It’s their “job”, if you will, as parts of a reality that is ordered, sustained, and created by the Law of Vibration, which we’ve previously called The Law of Attraction.

Love must not be “earned.” It cannot be, because it’s the very foundation of all that exists.

You can’t earn it, because it never goes anywhere away from you.  But what you can do is put your blinders on to it. You can choose to think and vibrate in such a way that makes it appear as if it’s not in your experience.  Like what’s happening for you now is something different than love.  But even in that, lies the great, profound, and grandiose irony of them all.  For even in feeling the most unloved, you are being the most loved.  For you are so loved by Source (the very presence and essence of Love Itself) that you have absolute and unlimited freedom to choose to believe, and experience, whatever you want.

You are so free that you can choose bondage for yourself, even though the reality of you is the very definition of freedom, of love. You are so loved that you can choose to experience events that make you feel unloved, if you want to.

That, Dear Ones, is the very example of love in action: unconditional, giving space and freedom to choose.

You are loved, LOVED.
By us, and all of Life.

Let it be so.”

– The Belovéds, channeled by Jerome Braggs

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  • Keith

    Wow! that is a lot to digest in a positive sense. “…so that they can stay when they get there!” That’s an Ah Ha moment for me, I get it. Choice and the choices we make is another Truth that we (I) must face daily. I am making choices and those choices determine the outcomes of how love is able to manifest for me. Intention, what are my intentions, and how to I align them for outcomes that are more loving and supportive?

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