A LESSON IN SELF-LOVE: A part of loving myself is to accept my whole self

Here are some things about me:

I am very antisocial at times.

I am deeply personable and fiercely loving.

I am passionate about the spiritual and the mystical. Talk about spirit guides, consciousness, the other side, soul, God, aliens turns me on and taps me in. I can go all night.

I have at least two nights a year when I am terrified that I will be abducted by aliens (even though I also dream about being able to physically meet one). Like last night, when I had to sleep with a light on in my bedroom because I couldn’t make out what that shape was in the field behind my house.

I teach self-love because learning to love myself saved my life.

I get critical of myself sometimes. Especially when I think I “should” be farther along in some area of my life than I currently am. Like writing my book, or working out, or getting money. I know how to release my judgments, and return myself back to compassion and acceptance. It happens a lot faster these days than it used to. But it still happens.

I feel better health-wise than I have in a long time. Like radiant. Vibrant. Electric.

I’m on dialysis. My kidneys are getting better, but not well enough at the moment to be fully recovered.
Some days I feel really attractive. Like, model, magazine cover, underwear model attractive.

Some days I feel fat, and like if I could just lose some weight and get my six-pack back, I’d have more dates. I now have enough spiritual tools in my toolbox to turn me back to the truth when I get in that place….like hot Epsom salt baths, and mirror work, and tight jeans that show off my butt.

Some days I’m a beautiful example of all the things I teach.

Some days I’m pissed, and stressed, and need a time out in order to practice what I teach.

Why am I writing this (which could go on, by the way)?  Well, I am writing this because all of these things are true of me, and make up the wholeness of who I currently am. My life is not “perfect,” but it is definitely enough. Without any part of it, I wouldn’t have learned what I’ve learned, gained what I’ve gained, lost what I’ve lost, succeeded where I’ve succeeded, and be on the path of my soul’s unfolding that I’m currently on. Though some parts of my life may not be exactly as I would have “wished” or “prayed” for them to be, collectively, they serve me, and contribute to my unfolding and growth.

embrace my wholeness

I believe we currently suffer from a grave and lethal disease in our culture – perfection addiction. Have the perfect body, and your life will be better. Have the perfect job, and you will finally arrive. Be positive all the time. Have it all sorted out. HAVE EVERYTHING IN JUST THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME TO LIVE THE RIGHT LIFE.
These messages are completely damaging to our psyche, impede our growth, and lead to stress, self-punishment, disconnection, and misalignment with the energy of our soul.

Let’s agree to stop picking up that toxic journey and try a much more compassionate and nourishing approach instead.

One thing I have learned about loving myself is that a large part of loving myself is accepting my whole self – the healed and the unhealed, the fit and the flab, the brave and the scared – and to bring the entirety of my wholeness into the Light.

Because one truth I know deeply: “none of us is here to be perfect; we are each here to be whole.” And that wholeness sometimes demands that we stand tall, and fall flat, be both experts and novices, masters and students, courageous and scared shitless at times. It’s all needed for the make-up, and the growth, and the triumph of who we are.

Being a soul having a human experience demands that we learn how to be both – soul AND human. That as souls, we connect with the love, positive energy and joy that is the very foundation of who we really are, while at the same time, learn how to navigate the messy, and painful, and awkward parts that come with being a human unfolding on the planet. And, to do all of this without beating ourselves up for it, or shaming ourselves, or believing something about us needs to be different in order to own our space, or show up fully for our lives.

We are whole. And that wholeness is enough.
To show up.
To be seen.
To be loved.
To succeed.
And to belong.

Let’s all now just give peace to ourselves. Let’s take a collective deep breath, and give ourselves permission to let go of being perfect, and start bringing our wholeness to the table instead, and into the Light, and into our own heart.

Love gets so much more delicious when we do.

Life gets so much more delicious when we do.


Love, Jerome

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