A LESSON IN HEALING: Healing is about coming back to wholeness

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A part of my sacred purpose is to be a healer.

I have no doubt that that is part of why I’m here, that is why I came to this life experience. It gives me so much joy to help people heal themselves, and healing has been the thread of my entire life – either I’m healing myself, or I’m helping someone else heal their body, life, work or heart. My life’s journey, the wisdom that I’ve gained from it, AND my intuitive gifts all have been centered around healing.
I’ve resisted for a long time what I know to be true: I am a master healer.

I think for the longest time there’s been a stigma around the word “healing” as I believe it’s become synonymous with meaning “somethings wrong with me.” And our cultural approach to the process of healing of trying to “fix” something about ourselves supports this belief. But what my own healing journey – my soul masterclass after doctors gave me seven days to live and diagnosed me with AIDS and kidney failure – taught me was that healing doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, and that its time for it to be fixed, but instead, it means that everything is PERFECTLY ENOUGH with you, and it’s time to remember.

That’s been my approach to healing and that’s what I teach – the process by which we remember how enough and perfect we really are already. It’s a return of our perspective about ourselves and the experience of our lives back to wholeness, back to the truth of our soul. And what I’ve learned deeply from my own healing experience is that once we do that – return our perspective back to wholeness – our lives get better, our health dramatically improves/restores, our business improves, our heart opens to more love, we feel more connected to Source/God, our relationships get more juicy, our life and body become grounded in well-being, and we begin to thrive overall. And yes, sometimes this involves a change in diet, but mostly it involves a change in how we view ourselves, and how we behave towards ourselves.

healing is about wholeness

Can we begin to view ourselves with a deeper sense of compassion?
Of gentleness?
Of appreciation and wholeness?
Of self-care?
Can we stop betraying ourselves?
Leaving ourselves?
Diminishing ourselves in the presence of others so not to make waves?
Can we trust ourselves to guide our lives and make healthy decisions?
Take a deeper dive into our divinity?
Make joy the order of our day instead of doing what displeases us in order to please others? Live our truth and speak it too?

These are the questions who’s answers, and subsequent changes that stem from those answers, lead to the healing of our bodies, the healing of our lives, and the return of our perspective and overall experience to wholeness.

What I now know is that healing isn’t about “fixing” anything broken – not the body, not the heart – but about remembering that as a soul, as a literal incarnation of God-energy, we can never be broken, or incomplete in anyway. But we can forget that. And we can behave and interact with the world from our forgetting, which is where the situation that is calling to be healed has arisen from in the first place. Healing is about returning ourselves to alignment with the truth of ourselves, with the truth of our soul.
That’s what I’ve learned on my own journey of healing myself, and it has created miraculous results.
And it’s what I’m stepping into in my life’s work, and helping others do as well.

“To HEAL: to return the perspective and experience you have of yourself back to wholeness, and your original value.”

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