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Q:  How did you become an intuitive medium?


A:  I’ve always had an intuitive gift, but it got stronger over time.  When I was a young child, you couldn’t lie to me.  I could tell what the truth was behind the story you were telling.  Mainly I could tell how you really felt—like if you were sad but you were pretending not to be, or if you were hiding something.  Though I didn’t know what an intuitive was back then, I did recognize I had something different about me. But I also was afraid to reveal it openly, because I didn’t feel like it would be welcomed in my environment or my family. My gift didn’t transform to the level of my current experience until after I had a “near death experience” in 2005, and a subsequent hospital visit five years later in which I had a mystical experience where the Divine literally asked me, “Are you ready to be who you came here to be?”

That’s when I began to surrender to myself, own my gift, and share it publicly.  And the more I surrendered to it, the stronger it became.  And during that time of surrender is when the gift of mediumship opened for me, and I would start to hear people’s deceased loved ones during the intuitive readings I was giving.  My gift opened in layers over time.  I guess it was waiting for me to give up all that resistance I had.

Q:  How does your gift work?


A:  My intuitive gift is an ability to see directly into the energy of a person’s soul, and receive information from their soul regarding what an individual needs at this point in their life for their healing, spiritual awakening, and the manifestation of their deepest dreams and goals.   I can also see what thoughts, beliefs, patterns or energetic weights/waits they have in their energy field that are holding them back or slowing them down from receiving what they really want, and from expressing who they really are in their life.  It’s like those things light up like Christmas tree lights for me once I connect with them, and I’m able to see the root of their challenge, and what the most effective solution is to resolve it from their soul’s perspective.

As a medium, I can communicate with a person’s loved ones who’ve crossed over into spirit, and serve as a channel that relays to them the messages their loved ones have for them at this time.  Where my gift is now, I don’t see an image of their loved ones, like some medium’s do, but I hear them. They speak clearly to me.

Q:  What is your definition of “the soul?”


A:  To me, the soul is the Divine Spark of God that gets to wear our face, and use our name. It’s the part of us that holds no criticism about us, and never will.  It’s the larger, older, wiser, most loving, most powerful part of us that’s always seeking greater expression through our lives.  It’s the part of us that remembers that we’re not separated from God, that we are instead a living expression of God, and it holds to the memory of the truth of our wholeness, our divinity, our lovability, and our worthiness. And the soul is that part of us that will not rest until we remember all of this for ourselves.

In short, the soul is the Higher Self—the authentic, truest, most Divine part of who we really are—that is the very savior we’ve been seeking all along.

Q:  How is your gift different from other mediums’ and intuitive’s gift?

A:  Many intuitives I know focus on the future, and what lies waiting there for someone.  My gift is more about the present, and helping the person see why they’re currently not receiving what they really want or have been asking for, and what they can do now to make a shift to open up more to receiving.  I can also see a person’s thought patterns, beliefs, core feelings, and family pathologies, and tell whether or not the these elements are helping them move forward or not, and what really needs to be released and shifted.  To many of my clients, it feels like I’m literally reading their mind sometimes.  These is very extraordinary among intuitives.

Q:  You also identify as a “mystic.”  What is your definition of mystic?

A:  I once heard the Professor of Mysticism at Georgetown University define what a mystic is by saying: “Mystics believe that the most hidden aspects of God are available to us. The mystic wants to be filled with God, and return from that experience to serve and benefit the community, and humanity as a whole.” This about sums up who I am.  My awakening journey from nearly dying twice was the experience that filled me with God, and my work is my attempt to serve and benefit humanity as a whole with what I learned from that experience.

Q: You’re also a healer.  How does your healing gift work?

A:  Our bodies are message boards, every single one, sending us messages through the status of our health on how well we are loving ourselves, and living our truth. As an intuitive energy healer, I can read the spiritual and physical messages the body is sending to you, and translate them into practical guidance to help you return to wholeness and wellness.  The body literally speaks to me, and relays why it’s out of balance, and the most aligned path for you to return to balance and well-being.  I then relay those messages to you and help you work with Spirit, and the body’s energy field, to realign yourself with well-being, and self-love.

Q:  What type of issues do you help people overcome in their lives?

A:  Wow, this is going to take all day for me to answer!  From money issues, health issues, relationship issues, personal issues, family issues, work issues, sex and sexuailty issues, etc.  From every spectrum of the human experience that you can have a challenge, I’ve pretty much helped someone heal, shift, release, breakthrough, manifest, or overcome it in some way.  I’m always amazed at this, but it has proven true every time that there is nothing that loving yourself more and getting in alignment with Spirit can’t overcome, fix, heal, release or manifest.

Q:  What type of health issues have you helped people heal?

A:  Well first, it’s like those old “hair club” commercials where they’d say, “I’m not only the president, I’m also a client.” I had to become a student of my own teachings first, and learn to heal myself.  And I’ve personally helped myself heal from pancreatitis, anemia, ulcerative colitis, kidney failure and AIDS.  Yep, all of that.  I’ve helped others heal themselves from a list of things from asthma and digestive dis-eases, to cancer and immune dis-eases.

Q:  What’s the difference between getting a reading with you, and getting coaching with you?

A:  A reading with me is where you gain clarity on what’s going on with your life currently, what the challenge you may be experiencing is really about from Spirit’s perspective, and where you’re being asked/guided to more deeply awaken.  You’ll also get clarity on what your first steps are towards making the shift you desire.  A reading is step one.

Coaching with me is step two, where you’ll take the clarity you’ve gained in the reading, and actually get down to doing the inner work and taking the deeper dive that will transform your life.  In coaching with me, you’ll learn how to ask yourself the questions that will lead you to a breakthrough, connect more deeply with your inner wisdom, love yourself more, and do the work that opens you up to receiving more of what you really want from the Universe.

An intuitive reading is where you gain the clarity to begin.  Coaching is where gain the tools to transform.


Q:  You also work with conscious entrepreneurs. How does your work help them?

A:  My work with entrepreneurs is to help them build a thriving, delicious business by teaching them how to align their business with the energy and intentions of their soul.  Because, from my experience, once your business is soul-aligned, it starts to feel like a spiritual path that’s serving your purpose, that’s expressing your true authentic self, that’s using your unique gifts, talents and genius, that moves you towards your desired vision for success without burning out your nervous system in the process, and most importantly, that’s feels really fun for you to do.

If I had to put it very simply, my work with entrepreneurs is to help them create a soul-nourishing business, and to remind them that it’s possible to be themselves, and to get paid very well for it.

Q:  What would you say is the core message of your teachings?

A:  There are two, although they go hand-in-hand.  #1: “To love yourself like God loves you, like the Divine loves you.” #2: “That everything happens after you get in alignment with the soul.”

Q:  What do you see as being the greatest problems facing people today?

A:  Fear, and not feeling enough—which is really another form of fear.  We’ve been so saturated with fear by our institutions, cultures, and environments that we’re constantly living in a fight-or-flight response. We’re afraid of what we eat, afraid of our bodies, afraid of the world around us, even afraid of ourselves.  And that fear is disallowing the fullness of our spirit from stretching out in our lives.  This is why there’s so much illness and disease running rampant.  And why so many people aren’t enjoying their lives.  We’re living in a constant vibration of fear.  And a fearful vibration must attract a life to be afraid of.

And the other problem is that we don’t feel we are enough, just as we are.  We live in a constant state of believing that there’s something wrong with us somehow—we’re not lovable enough, safe enough, deserving and worthy enough—and that we need to be fixed or improved or “bettered” in order to be lovable, deserving and safe.  So we go through this never-ending rat race of self-improvement, and self-judgment, and never settle into the miraculous power of self-acceptance and self-love.  And what no one is telling us is that when you start your journey from feeling not enough, that’s also where you must end.    You don’t get to arrive to feeling whole from the path of feeling broken.


Q:  Who would benefit most from your work?

A:  Anyone who is on a spiritual path who is currently at the point where they are ready to learn once and for all how to enjoy the taste of their life, create what they really want, and let the soul take the lead in all their affairs.

Q: You say nearly dying from AIDS and kidney failure was your greatest wake-up call.  How so?

A:  Because being diagnosed with AIDS and kidney failure, told I had only days to live, and the healing journey that followed was the “great wake-up call” that called my attention back to myself. It made me question everything that I thought was true before, hold it up to the Light, and see what it was really made of. It was an experience that offered me the opportunity to learn more and more about myself, and to prove to myself once and for all that I was lovable, enough, and capable of creating whatever I wanted. And once I stopped looking at it as I death sentence, it became a life-giver.  It became a guru, that taught me what it really looks like to love yourself, and to move closer and closer to your soul.

Q:  What would you say is the number one thing people can do to begin to heal themselves?

A: Relax WAY more.  The next level of our healing is about slowing down, simplifying, and loving ourselves more.  We can tell when we’re on the path to healing when we feel more relaxed.  That should be our guiding point for healing success, “How can I feel even more relaxed today than I did yesterday?”  Relaxation is the signal that we are in alignment.  And when we’re in alignment, we must heal—from illness, from a broken-heart, from financial distress, from chaos, etc.  Everything happens after alignment.  So do whatever you can in mind, body and spirit to feel more relaxed.  SLOW DOWN MORE.  BREATHE MORE.  TRUST MORE.  CHILL THE HELL OUT.

Q:  What would you say is the main thing people can do to more fully awaken, and begin enjoying the taste of their lives?

A:  Be who you really are, and love the hell out of who that is.  Radically, unconditionally, divinely.  Because once you love yourself, all is well, and all is coming.  Oh, trust in Life/the Universe more…way more.  Because it loves you, and it’s on your side, and it’s only ever trying to serve you.

Q: You’ve helped hundreds of people across the world over the years, but I’m sure there are people that are skeptical about your gift, and your work, and how either can help them.  What would you say to those people?

A:  If you’ve never met me or worked with me, I don’t blame you!  There’s a lot of mixed messages out there in my field.  That person has probably met a few of them, and had a negative experience because of it.  And they are fully entitled to their experience.  So I’d say don’t trust me, trust God.  Trust your soul.  Trust how you feel.  I’m not here to prove myself or make someone believe.  I’m here to help those whom  Spirit has led to me.  I don’t have a monopoly on truth.  And I’m not the only teacher or intuitive out there.  So if they’re not led to me, it simply means they’re being guided to the teacher that will best serve them from their current consciousness and vibration.  Spirit is amazing.  And I trust fully in it’s process.


Q:  How can people learn more from you?

A:  Until my website is finished and launched in late August, my Facebook page is great place to start (www.facebook.com/coachjeromebraggs.com).  I post blogs, videos, and information on how to love yourself and get in alignment with the soul daily there.  I also post news of my upcoming events on my FB page.  I’m also on Twitter (@JeromeBraggs), and YouTube, if they’d like to connect with me there as well.  Once my website is launched in late August, I’d highly recommend checking it out.  It’s going to be amazing and filled with awesome information (www.jeromebraggs.com).