We’ve almost reached the end of this series, as this is the next to the last video. OMG!

Honestly, it’s been such a beautiful ride.

And speaking of beautiful rides, I wanted to share something that Source revealed to me last year about what this human lifetime of ours is that completely shook me up, in a good way.

This is heaven, too.

I know, a wild and controversial thought.

So many spiritual seekers believe that heaven only exists on The Other Side, but what I’ve come to realize is that this human lifetime is just another dimension of heaven – just another facet/side of it.

But most of us aren’t realizing it. We’ve forgotten, and instead of living heaven on earth, we are living hell.

In this video, I speak on why this is heaven, too, and what the keys are to realizing it for yourself.

Enjoy! ❤️