After my first Near Death Experience in 2004, it only took me three months to fully + miraculously heal myself.

But after my second Near Death Experience in 2005, it has taken me many years. And for awhile I struggled with this, because I thought I was doing everything I was “supposed” to do to heal – I was eating a vegan, alkaline diet, I was exercising, I was meditating, I was saying affirmations +. keeping a gratitude/appreciation journal. And while I experienced some minor improvements in my health, nothing major happened, until I discovered four missing pieces.

I learned them through trial and error + what I was seeing working with others doing healing work, and like a scientist, I tested them out to see if I was actually improving in health whenever I applied them….and the answer is YES!

Nobody told me these 4 keys to healing when I first started out, I had to learn them the hard way.

So I’m sharing them in this video so you won’t have to.

May they shed some light on your healing path.

Enjoy! ❤️