Because I talk a lot about the transformative power of loving oneself, one of the most popular questions I receive is:


How do you begin loving yourself?”


There are many paths to that. But the basic guideline is to stop judging yourself. And how you do that is to stop taking the information about who you are, what you’re capable of, and how worthy and lovable you are from the ego. Because the ego is the “learned self,” and it’s gotten its information from the world….basically, from other egos. And that is wounded information, based on fallacy, judgment, and not being enough.


You must make the shift away from building your self-image on the ego’s information, towards what your Soul has to say about it. Because your soul is the “Unconditioned Self.” It’s the part of you that existed before the first judgment about you was made. It’s the part of you that hasn’t learned to judge you, and never will. It’s the part of you which knows the truth of who you are—beyond the childhood messages, the schoolyard jokes, the your peer comparisons and the criticisms you received from yourself, and from your environment.


The soul knows that you are wholly lovable, and always enough, and totally deserving. The Soul knows this because the Soul gets it’s information straight from God. The Soul knows this because it is a part of God itself.


And it never forgets it.

And it never judges you.

And it only loves you.

And it seeks to remind you of this at every moment.


To begin loving yourself, you must begin to access the truth of your Soul, and find out who you really are, and just how wonderful that is.