It’s no secret that my favorite thing in the world to talk about is self-love. But my second favorite? Sex and sexuality. Especially healing our wounds and toxic internal narratives that restrict us from experiencing the wholeness of our sexuality, and the fulfillment and pleasure of sex.

So, when I came across this recent article written by Craig Washington, entitled, “Giving and Getting Some: Reflecting on the Penetration of My Manhood and My Ass“…..I just HAD to reach out to him to have a conversation about the concepts he shared in the article. Particularly the questioned he posed: “Could bottoming be considered a revolutionary act for self-affirming Black men?”

The video below is that conversation!

We go in on:

  • the areas of shame around our sexual practices as black men
  • what misogyny and supremacy have to do with that shame
  • why “bottoming” can be an act of self-healing and liberation
  • what to do if he calls your ass “pussy” during sex
  • why just “coming out” doesn’t free you

And a HOLE lot more…pun intended.

This entire conversation was medicine.

Enjoy! ❤️