Trusting in ourselves again

So many of us were told that our intuition is not trustworthy.

That paying attention to how we feel and what’s calling us internally is irrational and illogical.

And we’ve been told it so much that we bought into it. We pushed our inner knowing to the side, smushed it down, denied and rejected it to where we no longer trust ourselves with ourselves, and are constantly seeking both external guidance and external validation for the very Living of our lives.

So now, more of us live without magic, we live without authenticity, without true joy, and without miracles. Those things have been relegated to fairy tales, movie screens, and childhood fables, where where they really belong is in our lives.

We came for the magic.
We came from the magic.
We came to create the magic.
We are the magic.

And it’s far past time we did the work of reconnecting to that truth and living dreamy, fanciful, miraculous and delicious lives like we truly deserve, like we’re truly capable of, and like we incarnated for in the first place.

But first, before the dream must return the inner trust.

We must trust ourselves again with our own life. Our whole life. And remember that there is NOTHING more trustable in this world than the voice that comes from within us, the voice of infinite, cosmic wisdom that only ever has our best interests and life in mind, and only ever knows the best and quickest way to get there.

It is time to trust again.
It is time to truly live again.

Really, really well.

It’s our life purpose, after all.
❤, Jerome

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