Softer is safe

Recently, the more work I’ve done on loving myself and connecting with the truth of my Divinity, the softer I’ve become.
It’s a very personal – sometimes silent – transformation, but I’m definitely noticing it.

More gentle, more restful, more kind, more present, more compassionate I’m feeling these days and I’m also moving at a slower pace thru my life.  More downtime, less on my to-do list, a stronger relationship with saying, “No” to things and people, more ease and flow in my daily living.  Even my voice has been smoothed.  If you listen to some of my earlier recordings, I talked faster, with more edge, and harshness, and pressure to my tone.  Not intentionally so, just a byproduct of my way of being, my energetic frequency playing out on the air.

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I’ve also noticed it in close friends and clients as well. The more they do the work of loving themselves, and become in alignment with their Higher Selves, the softer I’m experiencing them.  The smoother there presence seems to be when we’re together.  The more open, and loving, and present they are.   It’s funny, it seems that the more we connect with our Inner God-Self, the more it smooths out the edges, and makes our very being a softer to place to land.  What’s landing?  I think Life itself.  Love, and relationships, and aliveness, and creativity themselves.

These days, I’m becoming a softer, safer space for Life to live itself thru.  I never thought before that I would want to be “softer”, as I used to associate softness with weakness somehow, but now, I want to be like a pillow, plush and soft, so that the Divine has a more beautiful place to land and rest.

And instead of feeling weak by this new softness, I feel even more empowered, and supported, and held.  And I’m manifesting faster these days as well. Stuff is not taking so long to show up now, as when it did when I was pushing, and harsher, shriller in my approach to living.  Dreams, money, accolades, compliments, lovers have all come in effortlessly, and in abundance recently.

Being softer has equaled being stronger.  And feeling more joyful, and holy because of it.

I’m eager to see what else this path develops, but for now, it seems I’m remembering a very cosmic truth: softer is safe.

❤️, Jerome

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