Showing up for yourself is a medicine

One of the best medicines available is to show up for yourself.

Tell your truth, your WHOLE truth. Tell it in every space in which you find yourself, to every edge and corner of the space until it fills up with what’s most true about you. Speak out everything that’s in your heart – what’s ok, what’s not, what’s beautiful, what’s not. Say what you actually care the most about. Follow your joy. Say NO every time you mean it, to every person and thing you want to say it to, every time you want to say it. Strip all of your skin and armor off, and show who you really are, and what really matters to you, and where you’re still hurting. Stop depriving yourself, and give yourself the permission slip you’ve been waiting for someone else to give you that allows you to have a life of pleasure. Act as if you’re already deserving, even if you don’t believe it yet.

Then, rest again.

Trust that you are safe with your own self, and that your life is safe with you. Move in the direction of your deepest dreams, most ancient longings, and most liberating ideas. Travel towards them, even if you must travel alone, and in the dark at times. Don’t betray yourself – give yourself what you need, ask for what you want, leave what’s no longer working (people, places, things), stop doing what’s hurting you (people, places, things, behaviors, beliefs, vibrations), put down everything that’s too heavy for this leg of your journey (people, places, things, ideas, feelings).

Show up fully for yourself.
Lean ALL THE WAY in to your own embrace.
Be the friend you most need that honors your entire existence.

This is medicine.
Ancient, deep, medicine.
But it can’t heal if it’s still in the bottle. You’ve got to open it up, and take it.

All of it.
The entire dose.

It has been prescribed.

Much ❤️, Jerome


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