Self-love Over Vision Boards

I believe in The Law of Attraction.

I teach it as well. It’s at the foundation of EVERYTHING we experience, and EVERYTHING we live.

So why am I always talking about self-love?

Well, here’s the thing: it is impossible to “raise your vibration” and “feel good” when you don’t feel good about yourself.  It is impossible to attract/manifest your truest desires (the things that bring you the most joy, and make you feel most alive) when you don’t know who the true you is in the first place, nor what the true you really even wants.

When we’re not loving ourselves, our lives cannot/will not, work well for us.  And there’s no vision board, chakra meditation, vegan diet, yoga retreat, or manifestation worksheet that is going to fix that.

Yes, you can push and attract stuff you want into your life when you’re not loving yourself.  But you cannot keep it, for joyous experiences can only be contained within whole and healthy containers. And when we’re not in the practice of loving ourselves, we are being neither – loving, nor whole.

Nor will you feel good once what you’ve been thinking you want actually manifests. Because the destination ALWAYS manifests to match the vibration/frequency of the journey we took towards it. If we journeyed towards what we wanted through the path of unloving ourselves, when what we want shows up, we’re just going to experience a greater sense of not loving ourselves. Maybe not in the first few minutes/hours, but eventually everything that shows up for us in our lives must begin to reflect back to us how we feel about ourselves, and the habitual vibration we hold.

So yes, I truly believe it is important to unlock our understanding and application of The Law of Attraction. But what I know more deeply than this, is that the key to unlocking both is learning how to effectively love ourselves.

Without doing the work of loving ourselves first, we’re stuck in a cycle of unfulfillment, manifesting stuff around us that we don’t really want, or truly understand why or how it’s here, and constantly complaining to ourselves that The Law of Attraction doesn’t really work (which it does, always).

Loving ourselves is where it’s at.
It’s the whole purpose and the point of our lives.

And no vision board, nor positive affirmation, can manifest good things better than learning how to honor and feel good about ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY can.


❤️, Jerome

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