INTUITIVE READINGS: What does your soul want you to know today?

One question I love to ask my soul daily is “What do I most need to remember today?” and “What is my next best step from your perspective?” Asking these questions daily is how I stay in alignment with my Highest Self, and a fun way to do my own “intuitive readings.”

And you can do this too.

By doing this daily, you take a moment out of the busyness of life, and step back from the external opinions of others on “who you are,” “what you should be doing with your life,” and “what the next best steps are for you to take,” and get in touch with what your Inner Divine Wisdom has to say about it all.

Our soul—our Highest, Truest, Most Divine Self—knows everything about us intimately. It knows our desires, our dreams, and our challenges. It knows how close we are to receiving what we say we want, and what’s really keeping what we want from showing up in our lives “now.”

But most of all, our soul knows who we really are. It holds the memory and the essence of who we were/are before we started judging ourselves, criticizing ourselves, making ourselves wrong, and following the opinions of others, instead of our own inner guidance. Our soul knows that we are Divinity in jeans and a t-shirt–eternal, lovable, loved, worthy, enough, and totally capable of creating whatever we want. It knows the scope of our connection to God, and is willing to remind us of all of this, and to offer us spiritual information to help us along our path, if we are willing to listen.

Asking the soul daily what we most need to remember or what the next best step is, is a beautiful way of opening the lines of communication between our human self and our most Divine Self.

No matter who you are, you can receive guidance, support and wisdom from your soul.

One of my favorite daily exercises to do this is to write a journal letter to myself, from my soul.

I’ve been doing this exercise for several years now, but even so, I’m still amazed at just how profound and accurate the messages are that come through for me in this letter. They always speak to what I need, and always offer practical guidance for my journey.

Try this exercise now, and if you’d like, please share your results in a comment below.

To do the exercise:
Take out a journal or blank piece of paper(s). Sit down in a comfortable place, and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Then, quietly in your mind, ask yourself: “What does my soul want me to remember today? What is my next best step?” Then open yourself up to receiving a message. It may come in the form of a feeling, or words, or a vision. Then write down exactly what comes through, without thinking about, judging it, or trying to make your handwriting pretty. Once you’ve stopped, read out loud what you’ve written to yourself.

Here are some examples of the kinds of messages my soul wanted me to remember when I’ve practiced this:

  • “Remember beloved, you have an entire Universe supporting you. Relax more. Trust more. And watch more cartoons.”
  • “Forgive yourself first, then them. When you do it that way, forgiving them becomes easy.” 
  • “Everything that you are worrying about has already worked itself out. Let go and let me show you.”
  • “It’s ok to take some of the stuff off of your plate and “do” less. It’s also ok to take it ALL of your plate and “do” nothing.”
  • “Face you fear. It’s never as bad as you’ve made it out to be. And there’s a juicy gift waiting on the other side of it for you.”
  • “You are already loved and worthy and enough. Nothing you can do (or what anybody else can do) can change that.”

what does my soul

Learning to tune into the voice of your soul is something personal an deeply transformative.

And remember, sometimes the soul doesn’t speak IMMEDIATELY. It may speak to you later in the grocery store line, or while you’re on the phone, or in meditation, or on the basketball court or yoga class. Whenever you get it, OPEN YOURSELF to receive it, and follow what comes through.

Please note, it can be harder to hear the voice of the soul when there are challenging things going on in our thoughts, feelings, or environments. If you are having difficulty receiving a clear message, try meditating, journaling daily, and dedicating more time in stillness.

Also know, if you’re having difficulty, I am able to offer some help.

During an intuitive reading session, together we can ask, “What is it your soul most wants you to remember today?” and I can joyously connect with the energy of your soul, and see what guidance awaits there, waiting to unfold itself for you. In addition, I can also help you gain clarity on what this particular chapter/season of life is about from your soul’s perspective, and what the next best step is for you to move towards the healing, growth, love, and manifestation you’ve been desiring and praying for.

The benefits of asking “what I most need to remember today” in a reading are endless, including:

  • We may uncover something you had deeply forgotten about yourself, who’s memory will shift you into feeling more empowered, worthy, lovable, and enough.
  • We may discover what it is you need to come to terms with in order to heal, and/or release in order to move forward.
  • We may uncover hidden emotions or belief systems that are blocking you from having healthy relationships, and the manifestation of your deepest desires.

The list goes on…
I can also, if you want, expand the reading and see if there are any guides, or deceased loved ones in spirit who may also have a message for you to help you heal, grow, evolve or unfold.

But try your own guidance through this exercise first.
You may never need me.

But if you do, please know it is my greatest honor to help you.

Love, Jerome

If you’d like to schedule an intuitive reading with me, please contact me via inbox or email at

All readings are 30-minutes, and can be done in-person, on the phone, or by Skype.

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