I am a black/African-American-expressing soul.
I am a spiritual teacher, healer, medium-expressing soul.
I am a singer, actor, dancer-expressing soul.
I am a male-expressing soul.
I am a college educated, masters degreed-expressing soul.
I am a same-gender-loving-expressing soul.

All of these things make up the experience of my life, but they do not define who I truly am. I am a soul. That’s the definition of who I am. A soul: “God, expressing itself as a human for a little while, with all the attributes, characteristics, and value that comes with that.”

You are a soul. You are the part of God that gets to use your name and wear your face for this lifetime.

Even though you may be currently a mother-expressing soul.
A father expressing-soul.
An artist expressing.
A lawyer or Doctor expressing.
A black or white or yellow or red or purple expressing.
A man expressing.
A woman expressing.
A trans expressing.

How we look, what we do, where we came from, what type of work we offer, what age, weight or bank account balance we have, our health status, or sexuality is not who we are. It makes up our lives, and it’s powerful and healing to own, embody, and appreciate thjese thing, but they do not define us, or limit us, or accurately contain our value.

These things are simply the ways in which our soul – who we truly are – expresses itself in this lifetime. They are vehicles in which our soul chose to move through the this lifetime of ours and learn, and grow, and share itself with the world.

It’s ok for us to embrace our color, our gender, our sexuality, our work, our talents and gifts, our race, our families and countries and history’s. It’s not only OK, but it’s necessary; it’s healing. For nothing that the soul chooses as the vehicle to express itself is wrong, or unholy, or unlovable. It’s all valuable and enough. And when we don’t embrace these aspects of our expression, we begin to believe a very false, and toxic lie: that something about us is wrong.

And believing that how we express ourselves is wrong in someway is a false belief because how we express was chosen and intended by our soul, by God. And nothing chosen by God can be wrong; it can only be holy. Our expressions and all the ways they show up, then, must be holy. And believing something about how we express ourselves is wrong is a toxic belief because it poisons us. It makes us feel ashamed, and afraid of living our truth, and leads to us playing small instead of owning all of our Light, and diminishing ourselves in the presence of others, and not truly doing what makes up come most alive. All of these things slowly poison us, and leads to disease, illness, and an unenjoyable, often painful life.

How we express ourselves is a holy and healthy thing.

And even still, it’s not you, or me, or us. It’s the vehicle in which we chose to express the essence of who we are on the planet: liquid love in physical form, God energy made into matter, wholeness and power and eternity wrapped up in jeans and t-shirts.

We are Divinity.
And all the things that make up being Divine.
Any other definition of us is incomplete, and inaccurate.


Jerome Braggs (The Soul Sherpa) is a medical medium, master channel, and spiritual wellbeing coach who’s mission is to teach people how to heal and transform their bodies, lives, and/or businesses through the miraculous power of loving themselves and getting in alignment with the soul. Jerome lives in Oklahoma City where he currently writes, teaches online classes, offers readings and coaching for clients on Skype, and teaches ZUMBA. www.jeromebraggs.com
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