Home from Atlanta, Feeling like soul again…

I’m back home from my trip to Atlanta, and I feel like soul again.

For awhile before that, I’d been feeling much more human. You know, that part of us that wants to feel like we belong, wants to feel like we’re loved, feel like we’re whole, like we’re enough, like somehow someway we’re lovable? That part of us that just wants to be held sometimes, and to laugh with people who get our silliest jokes, and to have permission to be our weirdest, quirkiest, truest self, and to share our gifts with abandon in spaces that won’t ridicule or reject them. The part of us that really needs to be reminded that there are spaces available in this life where “everyone knows our name, and they’re always glad we came.” That part.

That’s the human part I’m talking about, and the part I found myself living pretty deeply inside these past few months. Having those same longings, seeking those same answers, wanting those same experiences.

So I packed up my bags and headed to Atlanta for a few days. Yes, I worked too (I offered a workshop for a beautiful spiritual organization, “Raise Your Vibration Movement”), but I also played…a lot.

I danced, I sang karaoke nearly drunk (thanks Kuran), I had deep conversations with sexy, sacred beings (thanks Curron, Adam, Charly & my ATL Adodi brothers), I walked in nature, I flirted, I ate some damn good food, I shopped (my ass off), I visited old teachers and friends who helped developed me in the past.

I just moved in beautiful spaces at a restful pace.

And it raised me back into my s/Self, and reintroduced me to my signature vibration – the frequency of my soul.

Giving ourselves permission to just play in beautiful spaces is a great healer, and a master at reconnecting us to the vibration of our Higher/God Self.

home againNow, I’m home, and I feel like soul again. I’ve played, and rested, and danced (thanks Wayne and Bulldogs) my way back into my divinity. You know, that part of us that feels loved (because it is Love itself), and happy (because it’s happiness itself), and alive (cause, you know, it’s Life itself).

This trip reminded me that we need more time to play, and to be in beautiful spaces, and to be reminded that we’re beautiful, and to radically REST, and to be reminded that our butt really is sexy in those jeans. Because ALL of that helps us connect to the frequency of wellbeing, and feel more like ourselves again, and remember, if only for a short while, that Life really is amazing.

Without it, we begin to feel more human than Divine, and that old story of disconnection, unhappiness and loneliness begins to play out in our minds that oh-so-often comes with that feeling.

We are souls,
Divine Sparks of God,
and we deserve to be happy,
and well.

Sometimes, we forget, and we must pack our bags – physically or emotionally (sometimes even virtually) – and go get reminded.

It’s a necessary part of living, and much needed evidence of what we truly deserve: deep and constant wellbeing.

And here’s a deep-down, cellular reaching, to-the-marrow-in-the-bone soul truth I’ve come to understand more recently: the more well-being we go out and get for ourselves, the more well-being we have to come back and share with those who we most care about – our families, our lovers, our clients, our communities, our world.

I’m home now, physically and spiritually. With a new hot plate of well-being. Enough to satiate my humanness, and to nourish my Divinity, too.

What fresh new life awaits this type of nourishment? I can’t wait to find out…

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