Being Your WHOLE Self is ENOUGH

Sometimes I’m serious – academia, entrepreneurship, healer, teacher, coach.

Sometimes I’m silly – black gay vernacular, Family Guy, clown noses on airplanes, and getting my 10s on my living room floor.

Sometimes I’m “spiritual” – lighting candles, wearing prayer beads, meditating on cushions, smudging, ancestor altar, channeling, and a butt load of crystals scattered all over my home.

Sometimes I’m ratchet…as hell – twerking, cussin, sexin, miss thinging, Ebonics, and who gon check me boo?

BUT in whatever characteristic I embody at the time, I’m being myself – the whole, holy, Divine me. And I am not ashamed.

imageWe are unlimited, Divine beings, which means there are many facets to who we are, and it’s totally OK to embrace and express each one of them. There is not one way to be soul, and not one perfect expression that we are called to embody while we’re here as souls being human. The many sides of us may not have space to all be expressed at once, but the serious and the silly, the soul and the human, the sacred and the ratchet parts of us all need to see the Light of day for us to be fully centered in our spirit, grounded in our wholeness, and allowing of optimum health and wellbeing.

Never box yourself into one piece of yourself. Give yourself permission to be all of you, to be the WHOLE of you. And to have a damn good time doing so.

Being your whole self is ENOUGH. And remember, there’s nothing more Divine than wholeness anyway.

Much ❤️, Jerome

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