Be More Mindful of Your Facebook Feed’s Aura

Hey Divine Ones, be more mindful and careful with your Facebook aura.

Keep your Facebook aura clean. Your FB feed has energy, and it is directly effecting you. Especially if you visit it more than once a day. The images, the messages and the conversations held within it ALL effect your vibration (your energy and what shows up in your life) as you view it. Continually being barraged by negative images, painful conversations, fear, anger, prejudice, etc is effecting your life, even if you’re not aware of how. Energy has influence, and what you’re continually allowing yourself to view seeps into your consciousness and your own aura and influences the creations in your life.

So be more mindful of the aura of your page.
Are the majority of the people in your page uplifting? Happy? Posting things that make you feel good? Inspired? Do the majority of the stories and post on your feed make you feel hopeful about humanity? About your future?

Or do they make you angry? Do you find yourself in arguments? Defending yourself? Frustrated? Sad? Have some of the post made you afraid? Depressed? Combative or withdrawn?

Our environment is part of our immune system, and a direct influence to our own vibration. We must be way more mindful of the type of energy that is present I the spaces we move in. Facebook may not be a physical place, but it is an energetic space.

So pay attention to what your feed is offering you. And know that if it is a leaning more of the “negative” or draining side, you have choices. You can either drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on it (which I highly recommend anyway, even if the aura is clean), and/or you can make more mindful and conscious decisions with who you connect with, what conversations you allow to show up on your feed, what pages and people you follow, and the type of energy you’re sending out on FB as well – for the energy you’re sending out is what you’re getting back as well.
In these current times, it can be easy to be swept up downstream by all that’s going on, and get off-center, and lower your vibrational frequency from a frequency that nourishes you. You’ll find yourself being more upset, angry, sad, frustrated, combative, drained, fearful/worrisome, or just not as happy as you were before, and you may not know why.

Your FB feed has an aura. It may be time to clean it up.
This is just one suggestion on how to do so.


Jerome Braggs (The Soul Sherpa) is a medical intuitive, medium, and spiritual life coach who’s mission is to teach people how to heal and transform their bodies, lives, and/or businesses through the miraculous power of loving themselves and getting alignment with the soul. Jerome lives in Oklahoma City where he currently writes, teaches online classes, coaches clients on Skype, and teaches ZUMBA.
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