#AskJerome: “If the other-side is so wonderful, why should I stay here?”

Q: “I keep hearing that the other side is so wonderful and that we experience so much love, bliss and peace there.  So, I’m wondering why should I stay here? Why don’t I just go there now?”

A: The other side isn’t meant to be a destination to escape to.

It’s not an escape route.

It’s meant to be a model, an example of what’s possible for you here and now.

Do we feel wholly loved and lovable there?  Yes.  Do we feel bliss and absolute joy there?  Yes.  Are we totally healed there?  Yes.  But here’s the thing, ALL of that is possible for us here, because like there, absolutely nothing is being withheld from us.  Nothing is wrong with us.  Nothing is impossible for us to have, be, or do.  It’s just there, we fully remember that.

But there is a part of you here that remembers that already, and is chomping at the bit to help all of you remember that, and live better because of it.  It is your Soul Self, and it’s not a philosophical idea or concept, it is real and the truest thing around.  You don’t need to escape, you just need to get help in remembering – who you are, why you came, and that EVERYTHING that’s not pleasing to you now can turn around in your favor.

What I’ve seen countless times talking to soul’s on the other side is that those of us that escape to the other side have a huge wake-up call when we get there, and realize that what we were running from, we can’t wait to run back to. Soul’s there say that this life is what’s juicy.  This life is paradise – it’s where the soul really wants to be – which is why you’re here in the first place.

Don’t escape, just heal and remember.

Then from that place, see if you’d still like to be somewhere other than in your gorgeous, glorious, lovable human self.

Much ❤️,


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