A New Truth to Live By: “Everything is Always Working Out for Me.”

The greatest positive changes in my life (health, finances, work, etc) came a few years ago after I decided to believe and interpret every event and experience that happened in my life to mean that “I am held,” and that “Everything is always working out for me.”

To truly hold to the feeling that no matter what it looked like on the outside, that somewhere, on a level I couldn’t currently see or understand right now, things were coming together in my favor, and that all would truly be well because of it.


Because I chose to fully accept that there is a Loving Presence, a Positive Energy, and a Divine Intelligence that truly loves me, wants things to work out for me, and believes that I’m wholly deserving and worthy already, without anything needing to change about me.
I call it by many names – “God,” “The Divine,” “The Soul” – but no matter what I call it, I have come to truly believe and constantly experience that it is at the source of everything. And because it is The Source of everything, then EVERYTHING is always on my side, and always, and in all ways, working out in my favor.

I dropped it down from some heady philosophy or esoteric affirmation and decided to sit it in my cells, and try it on for awhile. If it was true, then I would see it be true in my life. If it wasn’t true, then I’d be no better or worse off than I’d already been.

And so I gave it that “old college try” and tested it out.

I believed it when some of my closest my relationships ended.
I believed it when I was dead broke and denied government financial assistance.
I believed it when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
I believed it when my aunt had meningitis, and the doctors didn’t think she would live beyond it.
I believed it when the doctors told me I, myself, had seven days to live, and diagnosed me with kidney failure and AIDS.


And every time I truly believed it, affirmed it out loud, and felt the peace of it in my heart, miracles happened. Deep, mystical, unexplainable and undeniable miracles showed up on the wings of grace and power and love, when I allowed myself to feel that these experiences weren’t punishments, or failures, or proof of Life’s random and cruel ways, but a sign beyond my current understanding that this, too, is the presence of God, here to serve me. And once I felt that “I was held,” deep down to my bone marrow, things turned around in seemingly unbelievable ways.

My dad’s cancer went into remission,
my aunt made it through,
my body miraculously healed,
I was led to even better relationships,
more money came,
and a greater life than I could have dreamed began to unfold for me.

What at first seemed impossible to fathom had any source of truth in it at all, has now become my truth, my daily mantra, my way of being, my life.

“I am held. And no matter what it looks like, things are working out for me. Even this. Even right now.”

Believe it. Then let go…
of what it has to look like,
of how it has to happen,
of the feeling that maybe this time your really not.

It may not end up in the way you think you want, but it will work out to expand you, empower you, move you closer to your innermost divinity, and deepen your understanding of who you are and your relationship to life and The Source of it all.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. It may be too hot for you to handle with bare hands right now, but continue to blow on it, cool it down enough until you can wrap yourself around it, take it off the shelf, and ingest it into your very being.

Life loves you.
But don’t take my word for it…prove it to yourself.

I am held

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