A LESSON IN HEALING: Suppressed emotions lead to the destruction of something

Suppressed emotions eventually lead to the destruction of something.

And the longer we hold them in, the more destructive they become – to our bodies, our lives, and often to the bodies and lives of other people.

Our emotions are meant to be felt, and then allowed space to process through and out of us in a healthy, and safe way. When we don’t give ourselves those spaces, or offer ourselves permission to feel what we feel and honor that emotion’s presence, we suppress the emotion, and it festers as a blockage in our vibration first, then a blockage in our bodies if held long enough.

This is where many of our dis-eases come from, emotions long suppressed that are seeking to move out of us, that we are not allowing.  And it’s also why many of our lives aren’t moving forward, and unfolding in more delicious and easy ways. When we are suppressing an emotion, our vibrations are held hostage at the level of that suppressed emotion and we continue to manifest life experiences that match that frequency of the suppressed emotion.

Suppressed Emotions
And it’s also where a lot of the violence we see being played out in the world comes from, and the violence we’ve been responsible for yielding upon the people in our own lives. The irrational arguments, the fighting, the separation, the punishment, the murders, etc are usually eruptions of something we’ve held deeply within us for a long time that didn’t have a healthy exit strategy, so it came out in toxic and destructive behavior.

Fear. Anger. Worry. Shame. Resentment. Sadness. Disappointment. Etc.

Suppressed emotions create suppressed health in our bodies, suppressive experiences in our lives, and/or violent outcomes.
To heal, we must feel.

We must face what we’ve been trying to avoid and bring it to the Light. We must be honest with ourselves, and let ourselves release what’s been pushed down within us. With as much gentleness and compassion towards ourselves as we can. With as much safety and mindfulness for ourselves AND for those around us as we can.

Anything can be healed, once we face it with courage and love. Absolutely anything.

But until we do that, we’re all strapped with emotional explosives that can be potentially dangerous to anyone standing near us when we go off. Including ourselves.

Feel to heal.

You deserve that, and so do we.

Much ❤️, Jerome

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