A LESSON IN HEALING: Our environment is part of our immune system

Energetically, our environments are part of our immune system.
When we are looking to heal – whether we are healing our bodies, or our lives – we must take in account the health of the spaces we move in. For the vibrational frequency of the environment in which we live becomes the container which determines whether or not we will be well.
Our homes.
Our work spaces.
Our relationships.
Our conversations…

Even the state of the inside of our cars contributes to our current state of well-being and wellness.

If any part of our environment is toxic – draining, painful, chronically negative, violent, restrictive, or feels like our souls cannot stretch out and breathe within them – it will also be toxic for our bodies/lives, and sooner or later it will manifest as illness or dis-ease in our bodies, and a life that just isn’t working well anymore.

This is because our bodies are made of energy, and are in constant conversation and exchange with the energy around us, which is affecting the state of our health, whether we are aware of it or not.

To heal, we must make the conscious decision to create and move in healthy environments. To let go off toxic relationships, to stop having toxic conversations, to stop doing work we don’t enjoy, to stop being around people and places we don’t enjoy, to declutter our homes and cars, and to move in spaces instead that make us feel uplifted, welcomed and happy, and are clean, ordered and safe.

I have seen this one step alone work miracles in the state of people’s health. When clients have made the changes necessary in their environments to create spaces that are nourishing to their soul, they have healed from all manner of illness – life threatening and even “incurable.”

Our soul needs a space to stretch out, expand and settle, and when our environment provides such as pace, we will experience more good health, happiness and well-being. Often times, miraculously.
But when we don’t have such an environment, we will experience more sadness, feelings of limitation and disempowerment, and illness, primarily immune-related illnesses.

Our environments are part of our immune system. If we want to be well, we must commit to moving in well spaces. Even if we have to create them.


Jerome Braggs (The Soul Sherpa) is a medical medium, master channel, and spiritual wellbeing coach who’s mission is to teach people how to heal and transform their bodies, lives, and/or businesses through the miraculous power of loving themselves and getting alignment with the soul. Jerome lives in Oklahoma City where he currently writes, teaches online classes, coaches clients on Skype, and teaches ZUMBA. www.jeromebraggs.com
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