A Healing Recipe for Us All

When an animal in the wild has been injured, it has only two strategies for how to heal itself: It can rest, or it can go to the water. Right now, try to do as much of both as possible.”

– loving advice given to author, Elizabeth Gilbert, by one of her close friends.

This is advice I often give to my healing clients as well, and advice my life is calling me to take more myself, these days.

Then, go to the water.

Look at the water.
Drink the water.
Touch the water.
Bathe in the water.
Submerge yourself in the water.

Water is a powerful and ancient healer. A powerful and ancient consciousness, as well. There is no coincidence that our tribal ancestors thought water was a spirit, that it had a soul, and possessed unlimited healing and creative powers.

A bath, the ocean, a river, a stream, a lawn sprinkler, a hot tub, a full pitcher to drink. Get it on you and get it in you however you like, however you must.


Just let the water heal you, bless you, and cleanse you. And let it remind you that being in a state of flow is where you belong, where you’ve always belonged.

Then, go back to sleep.

Back to rest, relaxation, and restoration, until you rejuvenate, until you heal, until you no longer need the reminder.

All is well, it’s safe to trust;

it’s safe to let go.

That’s what the water tells me and reminds me, when I go. And I trust it deeply.

Rest, and go to the water.
A healing recipe for us all.

❤️, Jerome

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