A friendly conversation about racial healing, unconscious biases, and attracting the perfect soulmate

For the past three years, my close friends and I have played with the idea of  recording our telephone conversations. Because what usually starts off as just a brief chat to catch up, usually ends up a profound and deep conversation about life, spirituality, healing, and relationships…and sometimes even aliens and sex.  And they’re always wrapped up in a heavy dose of laughter and silliness (I mean, this is me and my friends chatting after all). What gets shared in these conversations always leaves me feeling more enlightened about my life, and I often leave them wishing I had  recorded it to so I could share the wisdom that came out during these calls with others.

Well, recently, I did just that. I recorded a casual conversation I had with my good friend, Donell Hill, coach and founder of The Life Maximizer, a few days after the racial charged incident in Charlottesville.  It’s just the last twenty minutes of our conversation, but it’s juicy, and well-worth listening to.

In it, we had a candid conversation about some things, such as:

realizing how our unconscious biases are formed around race;
• the day I discovered my own toxic narrative around blackness;
• the key to healing racial conflict from a mystic’s perspective;
• how we always attract the mate that will most help us heal what we need to heal;

…plus, some general silliness and laughter.

You may listen to the audio of the conversation below, and if you feel it may
benefit others, please feel free to share.

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