Self-care is not one-size fits all

Sometimes, the self-care that your body needs, and that your life is asking for, isn’t getting a massage, drinking more green juice, taking a yoga class, or going on a vacay with your bff. Sometimes the most nourishing self-care for you is to quit your job, to leave your marriage, to stop suppressing your opinion and speak out, to yell out in rage, to have sex on the first date (or with more than one person), to stop depriving yourself from sweets, to say NO to your parents, to stay in all weekend and cry, to admit that you’re really sad and need some help, etc.

Loves, this Self-care thing is not one-size fits all.

There’s no one right way to nurture yourself. It’s a day-to-day, in-the-moment, deep listening, personalized experience. What worked for them, may not work for you. And what used to work for you before, may not work for you now. It’s all OK. This version of you may need something different in order to feel healthy and nourished, and that different may not be considered socially acceptable to others, nor to the older version of your own self.

It’s OK.
It’s all a part of the growth process.

Just be honest about what’s calling you, what you really want, and what you really don’t want. And do what it is you know deep down you need to do feel better, to be more liberated, to feel more connected to and aligned with yourself, to be happier, to be more at ease.

You don’t have to justify to anyone why you need what you need. But you do have to honor what you need, and allow yourself to receive it.

And wholly and deeply so.

To not deprive yourself, deny yourself or criticize yourself for needing what you need right now in the first place.

This is the path of self-care: honoring what you need, however you need it.

This is what loving yourself takes.
And this is the medicine that heals.

❤️, Jerome

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