naw i ain't scared of him
we's long time friends.

whenever he comes a knockin
i opens the door
says, ‘come on in baby
have some tea
you tired?

i knows you's come a long way
to sit and visit a spell.

you ailing?

just lay your head down here
and tell me bout
all the places you been
all the things you seen
all them things you think is real.’

then i just rocks him
til he falls asleep 
and let's me weave a 
metamorphorphis into him
a newness, a sweetness
on his skin

so he can be real pretty 
when he wakes up.
but then i wakes up
and realize how silly 
i been
dreaming i was talking to
cause when he comes over 

he does the talkin
and the weavin
and i does the sleepin

and the waking up pretty.

©Jerome Braggs 2018