Flow your energy in the direction of what’s wanted

When Mother Theresa was asked to march against the war, she said “I will not march with you against the war, but when you have a march for peace, I will be there.”

The Law of Attraction says: “everything that comes to me, comes by way of my energetic invitation.”

As a soul, you are an energetic being, a frequency being, a vibrational being.  And you are always flowing your energy towards something.

And the direction in which you are flowing your energy is the direction in which you are creating something.  This something could be wanted or unwanted, pleasurable or painful.  You are NEVER not flowing your energy towards something while you are consciously awake.  In ALL your conscious daily moments, you are creating/attracting something based on what you are flowing your energy towards.  You cannot stop this process, it’s the makeup of your very being as a soul, to be in constant energy flow.

However, you can be more mindful of what you are flowing your energy towards, and what direction you allow your energy to head in.

And you do that by being more mindful of what you are focusing on, what you are talking about, what you are having conversations about, what you are watching on TV and social media, and what you are reading.  ANYTHING you focus on longer than 17 seconds, you have effectively flowed your energy towards and started creating/attracting.  Pleasurable or painful.  Wanted or unwanted.  It doesn’t matter.  The energy does not hear your words, so if you are focusing on something and saying, “NO, I DONT WANT THIS! Get this away from me! Get this out of my life!” what you are doing is flowing your energy towards it, and the Universe creates MORE OF IT for you in your life.

To release something from our lives, or to not attract something we don’t want, we have to find some way to stop paying attention to it.  To stop talking about it (especially to ourselves), stop watching it, complaining about it, getting in discussion groups about it and fighting against it, so that we can release or at least diminish our flow of energy towards it. When it no longer has an energy source from us, it MUST release itself from our lives.  We must stop focusing on what we don’t want, and start placing our focus on what we do.  That’s the biggest benefit of recognizing what we don’t want anyway – it serves as a springboard into clarifying what we do want. Let the unwanted thing help you clarify what you do want, then put ALL of your focus, thoughts, and conversation on what you do want.

This is how you work your true power as a spiritual being.  This is how you feel more empowered and start to prove to yourself that you are indeed the creator of your life, and that you have the power to be, do, have whatever you want. But you cannot do so and remain unmindful of what your energy is doing, and what direction it is headed in.

Is it flowing towards what you want?
Or is it flowing toward what you don’t want?

Remember, your focus is like a flashlight, whichever direction you point it in gets illuminated by your energy, and you will see MORE of what you’ve illuminated by it in your reality.

And you can tell which direction you’re pointed in (what you’re illuminating) by how you feel.  When you feel good (relaxed, excited, loving, happy, hopeful, etc), it’s a direct signal from your soul that you are focused (thinking about, talking about, looking at) in the “right” direction, and where you’re energy is currently flowing in the moment is going to bring you something you want.  When you don’t feel good (mad, worried, sad, afraid, unhappy, resentful, etc), it’s a soul signal that you are focused in the opposite direction of where you want to head, and where you’re currently flowing your energy is going to bring you something unwanted.

The only thing that’s creating in your life is your energy, and where you’re flowing it.  And you get to determine that.  And, you can change that whenever you want.

Where is your energy flowing currently? And where do you flow it the majority of the time? The answers to these questions are powerful, and can help you miraculously transform your life.

It’s all about your energy.

It’s all about where your energy is flowing.

This is your power.

Much ❤️, Jerome

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