Only whole spaces heal

When I’m suffering, I need everything that’s not suffering to heal. I need to go to the places in my life where laughter is abundant, love is abundant, well-being is abundant, and drink until I [...]

Softer is safe

Recently, the more work I’ve done on loving myself and connecting with the truth of my Divinity, the softer I’ve become. It’s a very personal – sometimes silent – [...]

What I believe…

I believe in nourishing self talk. I believe in taking good care of myself. I believe in bringing the Light to every situation I find myself in. I believe I can create anything I want. I believe [...]


I am a black/African-American-expressing soul. I am a spiritual teacher, healer, medium-expressing soul. I am a singer, actor, dancer-expressing soul. I am a male-expressing soul. I am a college [...]

The Art of Allowing

As souls, we don’t manifest what we want; we manifest what we allow. And the state/process of “allowing” is simply how well we’re in alignment with the energy of our soul by thinking good-feeling [...]

Divine Timing

The Universe does not always operate on your timing. More specifically, on the timing your ego mind believes something “should” happen. For the Universe does not operate in the timing of [...]

What’s Running You?

Most of us have inherited a manual on “how to be a good person” from our childhood- a list of rules we came to believe we had to follow in order to receive love and approval, and be safe in the [...]