A LESSON IN SELF-LOVE: Our scars are not flaws, they’re portals

By external definitions/standards, I don’t have the “perfect” body.

I have scars, many of them. Some small, some large. All earned after more than 30 surgeries on my body during my healing and awakening journey. So by external standards, my body is less than the ideal one a person should like to have. No longer able to model for underwear ads or magazine covers.

But by my own internal standards, my body is perfect. Not only because it’s mine, and the only one I’ve got, but because my scars are the places where the Light entered after my journey began into deeper levels of self-acceptance, self-love, and experiencing the depth of my divinity.

my scars are portals
My scars are cosmic portals, that once I learned how to accept them, transported me into another world where everything was beautiful about me, and whole, and enough. Then, my scars became beauty marks, instead of flaws – sacred tattoos – that served as reminders of the journey I’ve taken back to the center of my Divine and Whole Self.

So by external standards, my body is imperfect. But by my internal ones, it’s the very definition of perfection. Perfectly whole, beautiful, lovable and enough. It’s perfectly mine, and what my spiritual awakening has taught me is that everything that belongs to me is beautiful, and holy, and deserves to be in the Light.

Celebrate your WHOLE body today, Divine Ones.

Stop hiding it, and bring it to the Light, where it has always belonged.

Love, Jerome

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