Destroying a Box I’ve Been Invited to Live In

Everyday, me and two of my close friends inbox each other hilarious and sexually raunchy memes. We’ll view the meme, laugh our ass off or clap in agreement, and then post some equally hilarious response.  

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because I don’t ever want to be placed in a box as a spiritual/metaphysical teacher. I don’t want an image placed on me of what you think a teacher should be. Especially not an image of purity and chastity.

Because boxes imprison. They bond us.

So many teachers, especially ones with large platforms, get branded with an image that places them into boxes that don’t allow them to be their full true selves. And the belief starts to set in for them that they can only be this person in public, or else they’ll lose followers, lose money, lose respect, lose belief in the validity of their work or message, lose belonging, lose love.

The most insidious toxin most of us humans carry (including the most famous and successful teachers, healers, gurus, etc) is the belief that we cannot live our full truth, and be loved at the same time.

And from this belief, we hide and rearrange ourselves, and put on masks, to become whatever image we think we need to gain love in the form of approval and belonging, or to not lose the approval and belonging (love) that we already have.

But this “performance” energetically poisons us. As all hiding and editing of our truest self does, as soul beings.

It robs us of our wholeness, and disconnects us from pieces of ourselves – pieces of our souls vibration that we literally need to expressed in our bodies in order to remain healthy, and happy.

This is one of the main reasons so many spiritual teachers get sick and manifest a chronic illness/disease. And why there’s been such a problem with many teachers committing suicide.  

I didn’t escape this fate.

Kidney failure was the manifestation of suppressing and hiding parts of myself. Of not living my truth, not expressing what I really wanted, or who I really was.

So these days, I only do what makes me well – what nourishes my wellness and wellbeing.

And a big part of that is to destroy whatever boxes I’m invited to live in – to literally rack my public image across the coals from time to time to assure that it’s not even there for me to try and seek refuge or escape in it.

A big message I received from my Higher Self during my healing journey was: “no more fucking secrets.

So these days, I live as honestly and transparently as I can.  

I expose my truths.
Even if someone else finds them ugly, or disapproving.

I know that whatever it is, if it’s a part of me, it belongs. It’s to be integrated into the wholeness of my being, and given the freedom to be expressed.

So, here’s my truth: I love dirty jokes.  
I love joking about sex.  
Especially gay sex.  
And I make jokes with my friends about it often.

I don’t want to be known as a prestine teacher; I want to be known as myself.

I want to only be known as a teacher who truly loves himself. A teacher who is being himself. A teacher who values wellbeing, above all else.  

And a teacher who continues to learn in his own life how to better and better do each of those things.  

Because truly, we teach most by what we live. By our example.  

And I ain’t trying to teach anymore how to make yourself sick, and unhappy.

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A Meditation to Release Fear

With all that’s going on in the world currently around Corona, there is a lot of fear and worry in our personal and collective energy systems. And getting caught up in this fear can negatively effect the strength of our immune systems, and ultimately make us sick, if held for too long. So to recenter us back in wellbeing, I wanted to lead you through a guided meditation to help release fear from your energy field, and recenter your energy back in wellbeing. This meditation is both healing and transformative yourself, and for the planet. Try it, and see if you don’t feel better by the end.

FYI: I got the Tibetan singing bowl I’m using in this meditation from Shanti Bowl. Check them out if you’d like to purchase one for yourself. I love the audible vibration it emits. ❤️

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5 Spiritual and Healing Lessons from The Corona Virus

Recently, with the current pandemic happening around the world, and many people having to shelter-in-place, I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding what my thoughts on this pandemic are, and what it means for each of us. I’ve been getting a lot of downloads around this, and been doing a lot of around introspection what the deeper lessons are, so I decided to share five spiritual and healing lessons that have been coming up around the virus and pandemic, and how understanding these lessons will lead us to a greater sense of healing and wellbeing in our personal lives, and around the world. Enjoy! ❤️

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My New Year of Life Guided by Rest and Pleasure

Earlier this month I turned 41, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what this new year of life needs from me in order to live a more well + delicious life.  One that is truly healthy for my body + energy, one that tastes really good to my senses to be within.  

Because more than anything, this is the kind of life I want for myself: a well + delicious one. 

It is the only type of life I want for myself.

And what I’ve been feeling in my gut is that what my life most wants from me this year to become more well + delicious is a deeper dive into rest and pleasure. 

Before my healing journey, I was never too successful at experiencing either.   I wasn’t good at getting a lot of rest, and I wasn’t good at getting a lot of pleasure, either.  I didn’t even know that both were truly possible, to be honest, nor what they would even look like if they were.  

This idea that rest and pleasure are foundations on which we can build our lives, on which we can build our dreams, that they can be our support systems to fall back on in times of success and in times of failure was a revelation to me.   The idea that my life can feel good and easy, that it can be immensely delightful, and not also burn out my nervous system.  That it can be based on, and grounded in, just feeling good.  Wow.  A revolution.

If there is one thing that my healing journey has taught me it is this:  “That our lives are not supposed to prisons; they are supposed to be sanctuaries.” 

That our lives are not supposed to be things that we are trying hard to run away from, but things we are supposed to be find more and more ways to dive deeper into.  To find solace in.  To get joy, and safety, and wellness from.  And in my heart, I know rest and pleasure are big parts of that sanctuary.  That they are the very alters in which that sanctuary builds itself around, the ones we are meant to make sacred pilgrimage to and lay our burdens as offerings before, so that we may be deeply blessed.

Rest and pleasure are home.

I am being called to experience them in a deeper way now.  Not just to have them in the margins of my life, but to realize that the only place they belong is as the whole page.  That I must write the story of my life upon them.  That I must write the story of my life with them.  They are the page, and the pen.  

I learned from my master teachers, AIDS and kidney failure, that pleasure and rest are medicines + needs.  Like good food and water, I need them in regular daily doses to be healthy and function at my best.

And the two types of pleasure I’m being called most to right now are writing + sex.    I get such delight from them both.  I feel so alive when I’m writing. The act of sharing what’s in my heart and mind through writing brings me such a deep amount of joy that it’s hard to describe in words.  But the closest I can come to it is:  writing makes me feel like I’m feeding my soul something delicious/nutritious.  And I also feel that way when I’m having sex.  I feel alive, connected, and like I’m feeding my soul something that it enjoys, and helps it grow.  

And to be honest, I haven’t been doing enough of either: writing, or sex. And being further honest, I haven’t been doing one of those at all (I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one).  

Rest, sex and writing have been calling me deep. 
Almost like I’m being asked to drown my whole life in their waters.  

So this new year of my being is going to be saturated with them. Going to be guided by them. Going to be taught by them.

I’m looking forward to what I may learn from them.  How I heal from them. What I become because of them.

What I already know is that I’ll be happier + healthier. 

And that alone is delicious enough.

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The Top 3 Thought Viruses That Make Us Sick

Last week, I saw a video by Anita Moorjani where she mentioned the term: “thought virus.” And immediately, I deeply resonated with the term, and recognized the principle as it related to my own healing journey from AIDS and kidney failure, and the healing work I’ve done with my clients. So much so, I was inspired to do this video in order to go a bit more in depth about what thought viruses actually are, and why they are so detrimental the the health of our bodies, and the wellbeing of our lives. I also share what the purpose of our life experience is from the soul’s perspective, why not feeling “enough” is so dangerous, and how the law of attraction manifests our reality. Enjoy!

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The Question That An Illness Shows Up to Ask You

I was working with a new client yesterday who came to me for help with his healing journey from stage four cancer.  HIs doctor’s had given him two years to live.  

When we first connected during the session, he told me:  “I guess I’m here to see if I’m really ready to die.”  

And when I used my intuitive abilities to connect in with the energy of his Soul to see if indeed he was ready, his Soul asked a very different question:  “Are you really ready to live?”

No matter how many clients I’ve worked with over the years who’ve come to me for healing help, this seems to be the main question that arises from the illness: not “are you prepared to die?” but “are you prepared to truly live?”

What my own healing has taught me, and what I’ve learned through helping people around the world heal, is that illness/disease isn’t a punishment by The Universe, or a betrayal by our bodies, but a wake-up call.  It’s the message that our bodies send us that we’ve reached the point where we’re too tired of the life we’re living.  Not because Life isn’t delicious to our Soul, but that this lifestyle isn’tIt’s that the way we’ve been living is depleting us of our joy because it’s not based on who we are, somehow, and the illness shows up as an opportunity to stop living the life we truly don’t want, and start living the one we truly do.   

To stop living based on responsibility, obligation, and approval, and start living focusing on what authentically makes us happy, what authentically breathes life through us, what we authentically want to do and be.  

When a “terminal” illness shows up in our body, in most cases, it’s not that we’re ready to die, but that we’re ready for this lifestyle, as we know it, to end.  

So the path of healing “terminal” illness/disease isn’t about drinking the green juice, or switching over to the alkaline vegan diet (thought these things can help), but it’s about making the courageous choice to finally stop living the lifestyle that drains us of joy, and disconnects us from our authentic self, and start creating/living a lifestyle that nourishes and charges who we really are.   A life of joy that literally breathes Life Force through us, instead of takes it away.

A life that feels and tastes good to us.

A life that our bodies would love to live.

No matter who we are or what diagnosis we have, my work and my own journey has shown me that healing is possible.  Always. 

Because healing is about returning ourselves to our Authentic Self, and the life of joy that our soul came here for.  

And that’s what most of my healing work with clients is all about:  helping them return home to who they truly are, and the life that truly nourishes them.  

And the real healing questions is:  Are we willing to do what it takes to heal?  Are we willing to truly let go of how we used to live, how we used to think, how we used to make choices, and begin instead to solely live, think and make choices based on love and joy.  On what truly feels and tastes good to us.

Because this is the medicine that heals. 

This is the very purpose for why we incarnated here: to feel good, to live a life of joy, to be who we truly are.

So illness isn’t a punishment, no matter what type of illness it is, no matter the severity of it.  It is an invitation – to come back home to who you truly are, and to a life that you truly deserve:  one that feels and tastes delicious.  

I’m deeply excited about the opportunity to help my client do this.

Doing this work feels delicious to me.

❤️, Jerome.  

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