The whole point of our spiritual transformation is to bring us to the point where we realize that in our entirety, we are enough, and that the safest thing to do in the world is to be ourselves.”

Jerome speaks to audiences about Spirituality, Healing, Conscious Business, and Diversity.

At the heart, I am a storyteller, and I believe that our stories are a necessary nutrient for the evolution of humanity. My talks are fueled by my own life and soul lessons, and are a touch of sermon, a splash of song, a bit of stand-up comedy, and occasionally end in teary eyes (usually my own). I LOVE big groups, Q&A’s, gummy bears, and green juice.


These keynotes are designed for 60 to 75 minute talks.

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Please let Jerome know which of these talk topics would be best for your audience, OR if you don’t see a topic you need below, let’s talk, and Jerome can develop a custom experience just for your needs.

Here are some speaking topics people love:


“Thank You A.I.D.S., Thank You Kidney Failure”
There’s a conversation that’s not being had around the misperceptions we have around what it actually takes to wake-up, and live a life we love. In this talk, Jerome shares how AIDS and Kidney Failure became his greatest GURUS, helping him awaken, and live a life of love, worthiness, and alignment with his soul, after a team of doctors diagnosed him in 2004, and gave him seven days to live.


During this talk, you’ll learn:

  • why every single f**king thing in your life is your teacher, trying to help you “wake-the-hell-up.” (yes, even disease);
  • why the message of your current challenge ultimately has something to do with learning how to love yourself a little more;
  • why everything happens after you get in alignment, and stop being so afraid.
“Healing 2.0"

When our health is in question, our first attempt at healing is usually driven by fear, filled with lots of effort, and fueled by the self-improvement race…which turns out to be the worst thing we can do to allow healing to take place.  What the next level of our healing is calling for is self-acceptance, simplicity, love, and a deep-dive off the highest diving board into the pool of surrender.  In this talk, Jerome shares the lessons he learned about the next level of healing during his own miraculous healing journey from AIDS and Kidney Failure. 


During this talk, you will learn:

  • Why self-acceptance is a miracle healer;
  • Why true healing requires that we stop trying; 
  • Why your body’s not your enemy, but your best friend trying to help you wake-the-hell-up.
  • Why you won’t heal until you chill.
“The Secrets They’re Still Not Telling You about Living The Law of Attraction”

With the popular release of the movie, “The Secret,” and the countless Law of Attraction books now available on the market, millions of people have tried to transform their lives using the Law, but ended up with either little result, or with a feeling of utter defeat because nothing changed at all. In this talk, Jerome shares “the secrets” they’re still not telling you about living the Law of Attraction, and why once you know them, you will not only feel like the masterful creator you really are, but be able to prove it to yourself in your life, time and time again.


During this talk you will learn:

  • Why everything happens after alignment;
  • The importance of  “feeling enough without it;
  • Why loving yourself is the key to everything working well;
  • Why the outcome has never about “getting things,” but about awakening.
“Lean Closer to the Center”

Many of us feel that we are on hold until something else happens in our lives.  So we’re constantly seeking something to arrive that takes us to a new destination or changes our current circumstances in some way.  However, our lives are not happening somewhere else.  They are happening right now, right here.  Simply waiting for us to lean closer into them.  In this talk, Jerome shares why the answer we’ve been seeking for a better life lies not in escaping the one we have, but leaning closer to the center of it, so that we can finally get the gift, and more deeply feel the presence of God.


During this talk, you’ll learn:

  • How to lean into the current circumstances of your life, instead of fighting and resisting them; 
  • Why the greatest gifts are gift-wrapped in surrender;
  • Why acceptance and gratitude are the doorways to experiencing more of the Divine.


“Business as a Spiritual Path”

For many entrepreneurs, their business growth and their spiritual growth often feel like two separate paths.  Even though this is a common experience, it doesn’t’ have to be the one you have.   In this talk, Jerome shares how your business can serve as a spiritual path that helps you awaken spiritually, deepen your relationship to the Divine, and serve the world at a higher capacity in the process.


During this talk you’ll learn:

  • Three powerful cornerstones for creating a business that feels like a spiritual path;
  • How to let your business help you move closer to what’s sacred to you;
  • Why the marriage of your work and the intentions of your soul is the ultimate merger.
“Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom”

As a speaker (or someone wanting to become one), it can be a difficult and challenging road to develop a signature keynote talk, which inspires and transforms the audiences you are called to serve.  In this talk, Jerome shares how to turn the wounds of your past, into powerful wisdom that you can use to create your own unique and transformational keynote talk, which inspires and empowers the audiences you are destined to serve, and has them calling you back for more.


During this talk, you’ll learn:

  • Why telling your personal story is a vital nutrient to humanity.
  • The process for turning your wounds into a wisdom-based, powerful keynote talk.
  • The one thing to avoid when creating your signature talk that makes all the difference in your ability to inspire and empower an audience.
“The Wisdom of Color”

Diversity is a vital and delicious nutrient for the health, growth and evolution of our communities.  And this is especially so for the wisdom, spirituality, and mindfulness communities.  However, often these wisdom-based communities, and their respective live event offerings, often seem homogenous, and feel unwelcoming and supportive to people of color, even though this is not the intention.   In this talk, Jerome shares how we can increase and sustain diversity in wisdom communities, and assure that every color on the human spectrum feels welcome at the table.


During this talk you’ll learn:

  • Why diversity is a delicious and vital nutrient for the health and growth of wisdom-based communities;
  • What you may be doing, or not doing, that is keeping people of color from showing up at your events in larger numbers;
  •  Why the key to enhancing diversity in wisdom communities is more about color, than it is about race.

Jerome’s Bio

Jerome Braggs is a spiritual teacher, life & business coach, inspirational keynote speaker, author, mystic, and highly-attuned intuitive medium. In 2004, Jerome’s entire life transformed after a team of doctors diagnosed him with AIDS and kidney failure, then gave him seven days to live.  On his deathbed, Jerome received a divine message, revealing the secret to living a healthy, good life: to love yourself fully, and to live in alignment with the soul.  Determined to survive, Jerome embarked on a deep, awakening journey to fully embody these principles, which resulted in the miraculous healing of his body, and the creation of a thriving, delicious life.  Today, as a result of his journey, Jerome shares his story around the world, teaching individuals and entrepreneurs the miraculous power of self-love, and living in alignment with the soul. Whether he’s speaking on stage, leading a workshop, or working privately with clients, Jerome reminds us all that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that it’s supposed to be delicious.


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What People Are Saying

Over the years, we’ve had dozens of entertainers and speakers grace the stage, but none more popular than Jerome Braggs. He brings an inspirational message that is entertaining, insightful, and relatable. Jerome provides real life solutions that the audience can connect with, and can see themselves actually embarking upon a better journey. Few people have the gift of truly energizing others to action, and Jerome has that gift.”

Kristi Balden, Past Director, Enid Pride
Direction of Operations, Enid LGBT Coalition