“Choose the best feeling, thought!” 

“Jerome can turn a person’s life inside out, just by talking with them. Wow! After talking with Jerome, every time I leave feeling the possibilities of my soul. It’s like Jerome speaks directly into my heart and I just can’t help leaving our sessions without feeling excited about my life, and getting a deeper understanding about what’s really possible for me.”
Judi Melot ,

The process of working with Jerome Braggs has been an amazing experience. Jerome has a consistent and powerful message that has helped change my life. He’s a joy to work with and radiates so much love. Through my work with Jerome, I have learned the importance of self-love and the transformational power that truly loving myself brings. I highly recommend Jerome Braggs as a coach!”
Kimmel Monts, Life Coach

The one word that comes to mind that describes how Jerome’s coaching services have impacted my life is profound!  Even though I had been studying the secrets of manifesting a spiritually meaningful and successful life, I had gotten as far as I could go alone. Jerome once said to me, “You cannot do this work alone, but have to do it by yourself.” Jerome was the guidance and support that I was missing. He said that the deep inner work had to be done on my own for healing deep wounds, and changing my negative beliefs about myself that stood in the way of living the life I was dreaming of. He was beyond correct!
The work we accomplished together laid a vital foundation in my spiritual journey that continues to serve me (when I am working with others, I hear his voice in my mind). The learning continues to deepen in my soul!  My dreams have changed, definitions of what is important to me have changed, and the way I teach others about living their best lives have also changed. 
My relationships are stronger and much more meaningful. My peace is consistent. My fear irritated. I have come to truly LOVE myself and others in a way that was impossible before Jerome came into my life. I have learned that I am ENOUGH! I have learned to live in pure joy and have a sense of self confidence that I have never known! These things are more precious than I can even describe here!! 
I have learned to LIVE and LOVE in the NOW! That’s where EVERYTHING is ALIVE! 
Words cannot express strongly enough just how much it means to me to have had Jerome standing beside me as my life coach. He has provided a safe and loving space for me to do this sacred work. 

Regina Pereira, L.P.C., Founder of Heart & Soul Sisters

“Jerome Braggs. His bones are made of inspiration, and he bleeds motivation. After talking with him, you realize your dreams are goals, not myths.”
Ellis Garrett, Owner of Mighty G Computer Solutions

“Soul Songs, that’s what Jerome gives. His teachings are songs for the SOUL. Thank God for him!”
Deborah Adams-Stephens,

“Jerome Braggs is a highly skilled life coach. His heart-centered, intuitive method allows him to identify your particular roadblocks, and then effectively clear them away so that you can reach your full potential. I highly recommend Jerome to anyone wanting to identify their true life path.”
Alison Watt,

“Jerome gives the best ‘WOW’ lessons I’ve ever heard.”
Paul Zelizer, Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, CEO of www.wisdompreneurs.com

“Jerome’s words are like jewels and speak volumes to my soul.”
Sara Kilpatrick,

“I am on a mission to let the whole world know what a wonderful coach and intuitive counselor Jerome has been for me on my life’s quest for the past several years.
Jerome has a unique, sacred, enhanced way of enlightening an individual on a soul level.  I really appreciate my SoulTalk readings with him and have received a magnitude of direction and spiritual guidance from my highest self thru him for my life.  He works with all universal laws, including law of attraction, and helps assist you to accomplish your greatest, highest desires.  Jerome also can guide you through any trials and tribulations you may have.
I highly recommend Jerome Braggs for all matters of life from relationships, family, to business and career. “

Teresa Wilkinson, RN, OMD, Owner of Path to Wellness

“The spiritual healing session I had with Jerome rocked my world.

When I said "yes" to the session, I didn't know what to expect. I just knew that I trusted Jerome, respected him as a human being, and had a sense of his intuitive gifts.

The work that Jerome does is difficult to describe – it's both practical and magical – and certainly profound. I came into the session with a tightness and constriction in my chest. He intuitively saw some old family patterns that were stuck there (this resonated strongly) and facilitated a process of shifting and opening up that energy.

He ended the session with a debrief of what unfolded, helping me make sense of my experience. I woke up the next day feeling clear and powerful, a feeling which stayed with me long after the session.

All this to say, Jerome has a powerful spiritual presence, an exquisite emotional sensitivity, and a laser-sharp intuition. If you're curious and open to deep spiritual work, I can't recommend Jerome's healing work highly enough!”

Peter Rubin, Men’s Relationship Coach, Founder of “Be the King”

“The things that Jerome speaks about and what he’s teaching should have been what was in “The Secret.” I mean, what he shares really should be taught in our schools to our children. I mean, WOW!”
Susan Stackpole, Host of YOUnique Radio Show

“Writing about difficult subjects and making sense of them; making them relatable; speaking from the heart and saying things people need in a way they can hear them is just one of many strong and special talents of Jerome Braggs.”
Kim Muirhead, Fiat Lux

“Wow! A Skype session with Jerome was more enlightening that I could ever have hoped for. I couldn’t, for the life of me, imagine how he could do an intuitive reading for me in just half an hour - I mean, I am 43 years
old with a lot of life experience to fit into that half hour!

Before our session, I wrote down some questions I had. Jerome started our session with a 30-60 second meditation and began outlining the 2 biggest parts of this chapter of my life. And without me saying a thing, answered every single one of those questions, bar one - but I’ll get to that in a minute.

But what blew me away most was that, what he told me, was exactly what had been showing up in my daily Angel, Gods & Goddess cards for the last few months! I say it blew me away because back of my mind, I've sometimes wondered if these cards really are messages or just my mind wanting things to be real. Well Jerome verified it all, and then some. He also said that healing is simple, but not easy and could take time. I think we all wanted a magical quick fix but now my perception is changing and I am relaxing into realising a thing or two, thanks to Jerome’s guidance.

The last question I’d written down was about my dear mother who’d passed away 8 years ago. Well, during our session, Jerome said he had a message from her and wow, what a message that was! Not only was my question answered in the first sentence from her but Jerome spoke about something special to me that he had not seen and had no way of knowing I’d done. Yet my mum could see it which just meant the world to me. Her message to me was just so clear and so powerful and I can’t thank Jerome enough for helping her communicate with me.

Since my session with Jerome 2 days ago, so many little things are showing up for me, things are starting to make sense and when doubt creeps in, I think of our session, picture and hear Jerome and I know with absolute certainty, what it is I have to do. I’ve also felt my mother’s presence strongly and had physical proof that she is, indeed, with me! I got ridiculously excited about that one!

Jerome has the most amazing gift and best of all, he is so happy to share that gift and share in your journey. I’ve been following him on Facebook for about 18 months now as all of his posts resonate with me - but a one to one session was truly awesome. Thank you Jerome!”

Rebecca Fennell,

"Jerome Braggs has really changed my life and my thinking. If you are a human being, with breath in your lungs and a dream in your heart, you should meet him. Sit down with him for a few minutes and watch the miraculous transformation manifest right before your eyes. All love for this angel in my life!!"
Telesa Hines, Award-winning Slam Poet, Actress