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Healing with the Chakras by Jerome Braggs
ON FEBRUARY 20, 2015

Jerome Braggs for his
live workshop in Oklahoma City,
and thru live-stream.
In this workshop, Jerome will help you better understand what the chakra system really is, and how you can begin using it to decipher the messages your body is sending you about your healing—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Jerome will pull back the curtain on the chakras and self-healing, and deeply share what he learned through his own miraculous healing journey from AIDS and kidney failure, into wellness and vibrant health. This workshop will offer you the tools you need to understand the chakra system, and how to effectively this understanding to help you along your journey to wellness, whether you are experiencing an illness/disease, or simply seeking more inner peace, or connection with yourself.

You can expect:

• In-depth teaching on the chakra system and how it works;
• Tips for how to use the chakras to self-heal;
• Guided meditations to help you open your chakras, and decipher the messages your body is trying to send you;
• Take-home exercises to continue your journey
• Live Q&A


Date: 2/20/15
Time: Workshop, 6:00-9:00 p.m. Central Time;
Location: Entrepreneurial Leadership Center AND Live-stream online
(4917 N. Portland Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73112)

Ticket Options:

In-person admission: $45

This ticket allows you to attend the workshop live in-person - 4917 N. Portland Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Live-stream admission: $30

This ticket allows you to attend the workshop online, live, from your home.

Jerome Braggs Bio

Jerome Braggs is a spiritual teacher, life coach, inspirational keynote speaker, author, and psychic intuitive. In 2004, Jerome’s entire life transformed after a team of doctors diagnosed him with AIDS and kidney failure, then gave him seven days to live. On his deathbed, Jerome received a Divine Message, revealing the secret to living a healthy, delicious life: to love yourself deeply, and live more fully from the Soul. Determined to survive, Jerome embarked on a deep, spiritual journey to fully embody these principles, which resulted in the miraculous healing of his body, and the creation of a delicious, and soulful life. Today, as a result of his journey, Jerome shares his story around the world, teaching people the keys for living a “soulicious life”—a life that tastes really good to them, and is saturated with the presence of their Soul. Whether he’s speaking on stage, leading a workshop, or working privately with clients, Jerome reminds us all that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that it’s supposed to be delicious.