You have only life, and only one moment, and that moment is now. And in this now, life is screaming, “Let me love you. Let me love you. LET ME LOVE YOU.”


You’re on a spiritual path.  You’ve come to the point where you are ready to let go of struggle and move into well-being.  To experience what it’s like to live a delicious life, create what you really want, and live more in alignment with your soul. 

You can envision what it’s like to live that type of life.  It’s so real in your vision you can almost taste it.  There’s something, though, something that you feel is keeping you from living that next version of you.  Something just isn’t working, even though you’ve read the Law of Attraction books, taking the self-help classes and workshops, maybe even attended some retreats or conferences.  Whatever it is—that “missing piece”–it seems to be keeping your life, business, and/or relationships in the atmosphere, when you want them in the stratosphere.

If you’re feeling like this, Jerome can help.


Jerome Braggs isn’t just a coach — he’s a spiritual life coach, often affectionately called, “The Soul Sherpa.” Because Jerome knows that the “missing piece” you’ve really been looking for is your soul.  And his work focuses deeply on guiding you back to loving yourself, and living more from the energy of your soul—your true Self—so that you connect with the miraculous power to heal, transform, create, and attract whatever you want that lies there.  Jerome knows that loving yourself, and living more fully from your Soul is the savior you seek, and the path to fulfilling and manifesting whatever you truly desire.

With his unique “Coaching from the Soul” approach, Jerome uses his coaching and intuitive skills to help empower you to bring your vision home, and open up to a life that tastes good to you, fulfills your wildest dreams, and aligns you with the truth of who you really are and why you’re really here.

Jerome’s passion is in helping you awaken to your True Self, and letting that Self lead you into a life beyond your wildest dreams.

If You’re Ready

If you are ready for that type of journey, Jerome would love to hear from you. All coaching clients begin with an Intuitive Reading Consultation. Those selected can continue on to coaching, and those with more business-related goals can pursue Jerome’s Private Business Advisory program.

The Investment

Transformation happens best when you allow yourself the space to transform. That’s why Jerome only offers coaching to those willing to commit to the process.

 Jerome has three coaching options currently available: 

Option 1: “Soul Shift Experience” $1,200

(3) 60-min sessions spread over six weeks (meeting every other week for 6 weeks), meeting via phone or Skype.  In this coaching experience, you and Jerome will work closely together to help you make a radical shift towards opening up to receive the healing, growth, desire or manifestation from the Universe you really want.


*This coaching experience works best when you have ONE challenge, dream, or focus area you’d like to work on.

Option 2: “Soulful VIP Session” $2,000

3 hours, live, in-person, with Jerome in the comfort of your home or private residence. Part coaching, part intuitive reading, part soulful conversation, ALL BREAKTHROUGH.  This session is designed to help provide you the clarity, tools, and awareness you need to make a radical breakthrough towards the healing, growth, manifestation, and/or receiving of what you really want.

In this session, you will work with Jerome to:


  1. Create a clear vision of what you really want–to heal, release, attract, manifest or receive in your life.
  2. Take a deeper look into the limiting thoughts/beliefs, toxic patterns, pathologies, and/or energetic weights that are currently keeping you from living in alignment with your soul, and slowing you down from achieving your vision.
  3. Develop an action plan involving spiritual principles, lifestyle changes, and practical strategies to help you align with your soul, and open more fully to receiving your desire.
  4. Take a look at the energy of your home or private residence, and learn how to positively shift the energy of your home, so that it becomes a powerful support system to the manifestation of your vision.


**Please note, additional travel expenses may apply depending on your location.**

Option 3: “Soul Transformation Experience” $3,200

9 private sessions with Jerome, spread over 3 months, meeting via phone, Skype or in-person.  This is a spiritual deep-dive, where you and Jerome will work together to journey the path to completely transforming your life—relationships, work, health, spiritual connection, etc.

You and Jerome will work deeply to transform one or more areas of your life and help you begin to shape your life into something delicious, thriving, and fully in alignment with the energy of your soul—with who you really, REALLY are.

Use the form below to book your Intuitive Reading Consultation and begin your journey towards working with Jerome in a deeper advisory relationship.

A delicious life is your divine birthright –

How long will you keep yourself from it?